Undergraduate Student Profiles

Will OrmerodWill Ormerod

Will Ormerod – Music and Philosphy and Religion

Will is from Southampton and is studying Music, Philosophy and Religion.

I am heavily involved in the Music Society as I’m part of the choir, orchestra and string orchestra. I’m also a member of the Mountain Walking Society, which organize walks in Snowdonia every Saturday.

Adrian Mendonca – Music

Adrian Mendonca is from Pune in India and studying Music at Bangor University.

Whilst studying at Bangor, I have been able to attend world class concerts of orchestras such as the BBC Now and also see performances displaying New Music – which has been a new and very welcoming experience

Elizabeth GreenElizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green – Music Composition for Film and Media

Elizabeth B. Green (known as Ellie) is 23 and from a city called Lancaster in Pennsylvania, USA. She is studying music.

The best thing about the music course is that I get to pursue what I love, I love music and composing, and to be in an environment with other students who get the same joy from it is refreshing.

Jessica PollardJessica Pollard

Jessica Pollard – Music

Jessica Pollard is from Barnsley, South Yorkshire and is studying Music.

To have the opportunity to study a course you love in a beautiful location is very rare, which is why Bangor stands out from other universities.

Jerome BecksJerome Becks

Jerome Becks – Music

Jerome Becks comes from Kettering. He’s studying for a BMus in Music.

I received a £3000 Scholarship, which will help me with my studies. I’ll be able to ensure I have equipment and software needed and it will also mean I have the opportunity to invest in instrument lessons.