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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Chemistry at Bangor is one of the premiere proponents of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), formerly known as Teaching Company Schemes (TCS). The department has already participated in twelve of these schemes, with four currently underway.

The details of some recent programmes can be found below, or at the main KTP web site through their programmes database.

Industry Partner: Envirotreat Ltd

To encapsulate and immobilise non- biogradable toxic wastes using innovative chemically modified synthetic clays.

Industry Partner: Thermographic Measurements Limited

To develop, test and implement new types of thermochromic devices which indicate time temperature history in a range of commercial applications including industrial, commercial, medical and food-related areas.

Industry Partner: Re Specialty Chemicals Plc

To synthesise and develop novel photoresist polymers for use in next generation silicon chip manufacture.

Industry Partner: Quality Sensor Systems Limited

To develop a new range of novel and state of the art selective sensors based on imprinted polymers combined with the company's existing technology in sensor arrays.