Mike Alexander- Staff Profile

Mike Alexander
Honorary Lecturer

Email: afs237@bangor.ac.uk


  • Senior Conservation Advisor (part time) for Natural Resources Wales.
  • Chairman and Director of PONT. This is a Wales wide organisation which works with farmers and graziers to get the best possible deal for wildlife.
  • Executive Director of NATUR.
  • General Secretary of the CMS Consortium. The CMS Consortium is an international group of organisations, government and non-government that combine resources to further their common aim of raising standards, developing and promoting best practice in nature conservation and countryside management.


  • Fellow of the Society of Biology. (FSB).

Recent publications:

  • Alexander, M. 2013. Management Planning for Nature Conservation – A Theoretical Basis and practical Guide.2nd Edition – fully revised with additions. Springer Science & Business Media B. V.
  • Alexander, M. 2010 CMS Guide to Management Planning, CMS Consortium, Talgarth, Wales, UK.
  • Alexander, M. 2003 CCW Guide to management planning for SSSIs, Natura 2000 Sites and Ramsar sites. Bangor, Countryside Council for Wales
  • Alexander, M. 2000. Guide to the production of management plans for protected areas. Aberystwyth, UK. CMS Partnership.
  • Alexander, M. 2000. A management Planning Handbook. Kampala Uganda, Uganda Wildlife Authority
  • Alexander, M. 1996. A Guide to the Production of Management Plans for Nature Conservation and Protected Areas, Bangor, Countryside Council for Wales.
  • Alexander, M. 1995. Management Planning in relation to protected areas, Gland Switzerland, Parks (IUCN) Vol. 5 No 1