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Wheldon Seminar Room
Wednesday 18 April 2018, 14:30–16:00
Clare Brass

Employability has an increasingly dominating presence on the HE landscape. Universities are now explicitly measured, by funding and quality agencies and by many potential students, by their ability to prepare graduates for the world of work, yet there is no sector-level consensus as to how this is best achieved.  This workshop aims to provide focussed, practical information to this all-encompassing yet elusive aspect of the student experience.

Workshop topics include:

  • Exploring concepts and components of employability, and their inherent shortfalls
  • Managing expectations and measuring impact - does employability always lead to employment?
  • What other universities do: Employability initiatives across the Sector
  • What’s happening at Bangor
  • ‘The pension effect’ - encouraging students to engage
  • Developing employability through academic learning

Participants will have the opportunity to consider how their professional practices are enhancing the employability of students through specific examples and scenarios. There will also be an opportunity to share best practice, put forward ideas and present current challenges for discussion.

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