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December 2017


PhD Day – ‘The Conversation’

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Monday 4 December 2017, 09:00–16:00
Doctoral School
Doctoral School
01248 382357





Having an article published about your research or expertise is a valuable tool in enhancing your PhD.

The Conversation is an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public. Its unique model enables research academics and students to write and publish opinion pieces and news-related stories based on their research, expertise or field of study.

What makes The Conversation different is that it has a ‘creative commons’ licence, meaning that other news organisations are then able to use and share these articles on other media, raising your profile further in the process.

Bangor University is a subscribing member of The Conversation, which brings benefits to the University and its academic staff and research students. Online readership of Bangor University’s articles via The Conversation is nearing 3 million, with readers around the globe.

As a result of our membership, we are able to offer you an opportunity to attend a day’s writing workshop, with the aim of having an article, authored by you, published by The Conversation.

During the day, you will come to learn what makes an interesting news story and be guided through writing in a simple, clear and accessible style, transferrable skills which will be useful in any communications and public engagement work. You will also learn more about how The Conversation editors assist and guide you through the writing process.

You will be expected to suggest an idea or ideas for a story, discuss and develop this or these with an Editor and the group, and then after the workshop, write or complete your article and have it published on the site.

You will need to bring a laptop so that you can begin preparing your work at the workshop.

In preparation for the event, you are asked to

  1. Register to receive the daily Conversation newsletter, so that you become familiar with the type of stories on the site.
  2. Take notice of news stories and bring with you examples that you particularly enjoyed reading, found to be interesting, relevant or well-written.
  3. Think about how your expertise could relate to a current affairs topic – this could be your academic area of expertise or any hobby or other interest. (As an example, during a previous workshop, where attendees were asked to respond to a current news story about rising sea levels. This discussion led to an academic from the School of Lingusitics writing an article about how rising sea levels could threaten the existence of minority languages in Polynesia – an unusual but interesting aspect of a subject that has been discussed many times before!)

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