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December 2016


School of Education Research Seminar

Lab IV, Trefenai Building, Normal Site
Wednesday 7 December 2016, 13:00–14:30

Dr Stuart Beattie, SSHES, Bangor University – “Exploring individual differences in resilience: How to minimise, manage, and mend”


Dr Stuart Beattie is a lecturer / researcher in Performance Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of Elite Performance (IPEP) within the School of Sport, Health, and Exercise Sciences. One of his research areas focusses upon what theoretical underpinnings can account for resilient behaviour.    

Brief overview

This research seminar will focus on three areas that are important for understanding resilience. First, we will explore how anxiety influences threat detection (in good ways and bad) and explore challenge and threat appraisals.  Second, a model of individual differences in resilience will be presented. Finally we will explore the resilience cycle that will focus upon minimising threat (i.e. early threat detection), managing threat (i.e. coping in the moment), and mending (i.e. bouncing back from adversity).

The session will be rounded off with take home messages about applying resilience to your own life.

Everyone is welcome to attend the seminar.