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The Cost of your Research

A1.01, The Management Centre
Monday 28 October 2019, 14:00–16:00
Dr Cornelia Thomas
Dr Cornelia Thomas

Session overview

An important part of preparing a research proposal is calculating the cost and the price of the research. The cost of a piece of research is how much it will cost your institution for you to undertake the research in question. In the UK this amount is calculated and described as the full economic cost (fEC). The price is how much you request (or, rather, eventually get) from your funder. Staff in the Research, Innovation and Impact Office will provide some informal training to enable you to think more clearly about the resources you will need to achieve your research aims and objectives.


The session will cover:

The rationale for applying for funding

Research design – informs costs

The cost of research

Full Economic Cost and the fEC form

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