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Using Mindfulness in our Workplace

Teaching Space 5/6, Wheldon
Wednesday 9 May 2018, 14:30–16:00
Gemma Griffith

Often at work, especially during teaching semester when workloads are at their highest, we may be missing opportunities during the day for self-care as we end up putting our needs aside in the middle of the working day which can build up and leave us feeling depleted.

This introductory experiential workshop will explore how we can use short mindfulness practices during the working day. This will include an exploration of what mindfulness is, the research evidence behind it, and practicing mini-mindfulness exercises to enable an experiential understanding of mindfulness.

Short mindfulness exercises will be introduced and explored – ones that take just a few minutes out of our day so we can pause and re-connect with ourselves. This workshop will also include tips on exploring ‘Mindful Emailing’ in the workplace to bring awareness to how we work with our large inboxes, and also how to develop your own mindfulness practice.

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