Gwybodaeth am Coronafirws (Covid-19)

Darlith Flynyddol- Brian Wyvill (Prifysgol Caerfaddon)

Despite great advances in computer graphics, it still takes many hours to build detailed computer models.  The manufacturing industry is entrenched in parametric models, and the triangle mesh still dominates, both as the subject of most modeling research, and as a medium for content creation for games and the movies. GPU hardware for processing and scanning hardware for capture, support the mesh modelling methodology over all else.  

In this talk I will resurrect the idea of the nearly extinct implicit modeling approach, and claim that such a methodology has some advantages over current popular techniques. In this paradigm, models are thought of as solids and it is easy to produce aesthetically pleasing blends and detect when objects are in contact.

Content creators want to build more complex models in an efficient fashion, but designers often are located in different places, perhaps across large distances. One way of accomplishing this is to develop prototypes in a networked collaborative system. Passing large meshes across a network becomes a bottleneck in such a system.  On the other hand, implicit models can be represented by a small hierarchy.  The information needed to build this can be highly condensed.   With the advent of more local processing power, efficient data structures can be used for complex implicit models. 

The talk will be illustrated by slides and video, and the latest results on an application to skinning for implicit characters for games will be shown.  At the end of the talk a short demonstration of something entirely different to astound your friends will be given. 

Darlith Flynyddol- Dydd Iau, 7 Tachwedd 2013, 5.30pm yn Neuadd Reichel, Ffordd Ffriddoedd, Bangor, LL57 2TR

Croeso i bawb, dim angen cadw lle ymlaen llaw.
Bydd lluniaeth ysgafn ar gael o 5.00pm

Dyddiad cyhoeddi: 3 Hydref 2013