Bangor Business School PhD candidate selected for internship at the Bank of England

Bangor Business School PhD student Piotr Jan Danisewicz was selected for a coveted internship at the Bank of England. Piotr who is in his 3rd year of his PhD studies will take up his internship in early summer for a 3-month period. Participating in this highly competitive internship program will allow him to collaborate with research economists at the Bank of England in their Financial Stability Directorate on a project about international spill over effects of banks’ lending behaviour.

Piotr, whose PhD thesis committee consists of Dr Danny McGowan, Dr Enrico Onali, and Professor Klaus Schaeck, was delighted to receive the good news from London saying “It is a fantastic reward for the hard work during my PhD. I will do my best to make the most of this internship. Since most of my research is related to macroprudential policy issues, this internship gives me a chance to be right at the centre of policymaking and I hope it will further inform my research agenda. I really look forward to being there at the Bank of England”.

The chairman of Piotr’s PhD committee, Professor Klaus Schaeck, congratulated Piotr to his fantastic achievement and stated that “Piotr is an outstanding PhD candidate. The fact that he impressed the Bank of England is an excellent reflection of his skills and abilities to do research that is timely, relevant to policy making in banking, and at the frontier of the techniques used to study important themes in banking. Moreover, his selection is also a good indicator for the high quality of training that PhD students receive at Bangor Business School.


Publication date: 10 April 2014