Bangor Science Festival a resounding success

The second Bangor Science Festival, organised by Bangor University, made sure that people of all ages had the opportunity to celebrate the National Science and Engineering Week 2012 in style recently.

The festival drew hundreds of people to Bangor to enjoy science related events including discovery days, schools events, exhibitions, geological walks, public lectures, and competitions.

Dr Rosanna Robinson, from the College of Natural Sciences at Bangor Univeristy, said: “The aim of Bangor Science Festival is to get everyone talking about, and engaging with science.  Raising awareness of the science that goes on at Bangor University is very important to us and being able to welcome so many people through our doors this year has been really fantastic.”

Co-organiser,  Stevie Scanlan, from the College of Physical and Applied Sciences said: “Everyone really got behind us this year which meant that all the events were extremely well attended.

The geology walk had over 50 attendees, with the  youngest just 7 years old and the oldest being 80 years old! Over 500 people came through the doors of the Brambell Laboratories for the Hidden Worlds Exhibition on the final weekend of the festival the Wild Science day at Treborth Botanical Garden had over 600 visitors, all keen to take part in the activities.”

This Bangor Science Festival was supported by the Dr Tom Parry Jones endowment fund, Pontio and Greenwood Forest Park/Gelli Gyffwrdd.

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Publication date: 20 March 2012