Bangor Students’ Union up for more awards

Having won three prestigious national environmental awards last year, the Students’ Union at Bangor University is proud to have made it to the final rounds of The Ecologist Communications Challenge once again.

Last year, the Union won The Ecologist Prize for their ‘Rubbish Survival Guide’ photo campaign, making it through the short listing process and finally winning the online vote, and they are keen to keep hold of the title in this year’s competition.

Film was the medium of choice for the competition this year and the Students’ Union asked Communications & Media student and aspiring videographer Osian Williams to lend a hand. Osian is 19 and is in his second year studying Communications & media. He has had an interest in the environment for a long time and says:

 “I am extremely lucky to be living in two places that offer a stunning natural beauty. I am currently in university in Bangor, north Wales, surrounded by the un-staged dramatic elements of Snowdonia National Park whilst my home is in south Wales near the Brecon Beacons National Park. I'm even luckier that I am able to keep a record of my walks and hikes with modern digital recording technology. I understand that not everyone in this world is as geographically lucky as me. And for that I am grateful. We currently live in a time where the environment is strong and present. Maybe people in 100 years won't be so lucky. That's why we shouldn't use our time condemning the future of our beautiful environment.”

Bangor’s entry, ‘One Life’, focuses on the beautiful and diverse natural environment of Wales and the stark reality that we only have one planet and need to conserve what we have before it is lost.

Vice President – Societies & Community, Rich Gorman described “it’s amazing to have made it this far into the competition once again, and we’d be delighted to win again this year. The video focuses on the natural beauty of Wales, and it would be great to have the support of students, staff and the local community so that we can showcase Wales’ stunning natural environments to everyone”

Voting for the Competition closes at 4pm on 2nd March, 4pm and the winner will be announced on 4th April. To watch ‘One Life’ and vote for Bangor, visit

Publication date: 19 January 2012