Bangor University at the National Eisteddfod 2012

Bangor University is looking forward to an active week at the national Eisteddfod. Staff at the University have organised a week of activities on their stand on the Eisteddfod field.

“Our aim in holding these activities is to reflect the provision of Welsh medium higher education at Bangor University. As an institution, we offer more courses and modules through the medium of Welsh than any other higher education institution and teach the greatest number of students through the Welsh language,” explained Wyn Thomas, the University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor for Welsh medium and civic engagement.

Events at the Bangor University stand will include a day of musical challenges, book launches, a live performance from musician Ynyr Llwyd, a reunion as well as a lecture on texting in Welsh…and much much more!

But it’s just not on the University’s stand that you’ll come across University staff.

As one of the main sponsors of the Science and Technology Pavilion at the Eisteddfod, the University has a leading role there. In fact, the Pavilion is organised and coordinated by a member of Bangor University staff, Dr Robyn Wheldon Williams- who also presents the twice daily Flach Bang explosive shows!

There will also be slime and chocolate making workshops as well as a chance to see how to extract iron out of corn flakes! Come along and learn about science in a friendly and relaxed environment.

“Through entertainment and play- and a little work, Welsh children, their parents and the occasional adult can access a bit of science, technology and mathematics- almost without realising!” said Dr Robyn Wheldon Williams.

“The Eisteddfod is a great opportunity to convey the breadth of sciences, and the way science affects every aspect of our daily lives,” he added.

Dr Robyn Wheldon Williams’s work at the Science and Technology Pavilion is sponsored by Bangor University, and he has been organising the event since September 2007. He has been bringing the Flash Bang Show to the Eisteddfod an assisting at the Pavilion since 2005.

The North Wales Welsh For Adults Centre, also part of the University, are responsible for  coordinating Welsh for Adults in North Wales- and are involved with the Maes D Welsh learner’s space on the Field. In collaboration with the region’s learners, the Centre has organised a full programme of events, so call in there to see what’s on.

Full programme (Welsh only)

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Publication date: 2 August 2012