Bangor University becomes LEAF’s ninth Innovation Centre: a centre of excellence for sustainable farming

A new LEAF Innovation Centre is being launched today ( June 29 2016) by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), the leading organisation promoting sustainable farming.   Bangor University becomes the latest site to join LEAF’s network of Innovation Centres.  It will showcase sustainable farming methods, particularly in the area of lowland and upland livestock systems, and support the development and promotion of sustainable farming through Integrated Farm Management.

Speaking about the announcement, Alice Midmer, LEAF’s IFM Management said:

“We are delighted to welcome Bangor University as a LEAF Innovation Centre in Wales.  As LEAF embarks on its next 25 years and looks to strengthen its work in the livestock sector, it is absolutely critical that we link up with leading research establishments to access the latest research and thinking into sustainable farming across a wide range of faming sectors. 

Bangor University and the work being carried out at Henfaes Research Centre, will bring a wealth of expertise and crucial information on the role and development of Integrated Farm Management in upland and lowland livestock systems.  Furthermore, Henfaes is also the sight of a wide range of research projects looking at improving efficiencies of agricultural production in both arable and horticultural production around sustainable intensification, agroforestry, soil science, nutrient management and greenhouse gas emissions.

As a LEAF Innovation Centre, we will be able to access this cutting edge research and ensure that it reaches our members and the wider farming community.  We are hugely excited about the opportunities this partnership will offer our members to improve the function, resilience and sustainability of farming systems.  It will result in improved understanding of the complexity of upland and lowland livestock systems and what it means for practical land management, food production and environmental goals.” 

Dave Chadwick, Professor in Sustainable Land Use Systems in the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography at Bangor University added,

“We are hugely proud to be launched as a LEAF Innovation Centre.   It signals our commitment to equipping farmers with the latest skills and know-how to address current challenges through Integrated Farm Management.  Being part of a UK network of leading research establishments will strengthen our reach to the wider farming community. It also offers an exciting and innovative platform to share ideas, expertise and insights into the development and delivery of more sustainable farming.”

Bangor University becomes LEAF’s ninth Innovation Centre – a network of research organisations whose work supports the research, evidence, development and promotion of Integrated Farm Management. 


Publication date: 29 June 2016