Bangor University celebrating S’mae Day– A day to celebrate the Welsh language

Wednesday, 15 October is ‘S’mae Day’, a national day to celebrate and raise awareness of the Welsh language.

Bangor University will support and promote the day in partnership with Menter Iaith Bangor along with other institutions and organisations in Bangor by offering a series of activities and events in order to raise public awareness of the Welsh language. The aim is to show that the language belongs to everyone and that we can all use it.

'Give it a go' will be the general theme of the day, and what better way to start than with the way we greet each other? 'S'mae?' means 'How are you? Diwrnod S’mae will be an excellent opportunity to reinforce the wide support that exists for the Welsh language in Bangor and to celebrate the diversity of ways in which we greet each other in Welsh in our communities. It will also be an opportunity to encourage the efforts of all those learning to speak Welsh.

Professor Jerry Hunter, Pro Vice-Chancellor said: “At Bangor University, we are very proud of our vibrant Welsh language culture, the fact that we are the leading institution in Wales in the provision of Welsh medium higher education and that we have a language scheme that safeguards and promotes the Welsh language in our institution. So let us mark the day but let us also remember that the Welsh language isn't something for one day only, it is a key part of our university our city and our country’s life every day of the year.”

Publication date: 7 October 2014