Bangor University‘s sought-after graduates

Newly released statistics show that Bangor University graduates are increasingly sought after in the market place. The results show that 93.8% of last year’s graduates are in work or further study, six months after graduation.

The great results come from the latest employment statistics for the UK (Higher Education Statistics Agency data) revealing that Bangor University out-performs the UK average in terms of the employability of its students, and is in line with the Welsh average.

The improved results for Bangor’s graduates also places the University above the sector adjusted benchmark -an adjusted average which takes into account factors such as the subject mix, entry qualifications, and the age profile of Bangor University’s graduates.

“This is great news for all our graduating students this week” commented Pro Vice-Chancellor Oliver Turnbull. “Many will have been appointed to posts or be actively seeking opportunities in their chosen career paths, while others will have applied for and been accepted on higher degrees or other post-graduate courses.” 

“This statistic, which shows that prospects have again increased for Bangor graduates, illustrates that Bangor University graduates are increasingly sought after in the market place, and this is really good news.”

Bangor University places great emphasis on providing students not only with an educational experience, but also with opportunities to enhance their personal skills, experiences and CVs to ensure their future employment prospects.

This year’s graduates are among the first to take full opportunity of a recent Bangor University initiation: the Bangor Employability Award (BEA). The BEA provides Bangor University students with a range of free opportunities to gain the skills and experiences employers want and need based on up-to-date research. BEA graduates get a certificate, a transcript and formal verification of their extracurricular activities from Bangor University, so they can offer solid evidence of their accomplishments.

If further proof were needed, final year Radiography students who are graduating from Bangor University this week have all secured employment at various health boards in England and Wales.

All 17 students had found jobs before taking their final exams, up to three months before graduation.

Delighted with the outcome, Professor Jo Rycroft-Malone, Head of the School of Healthcare Sciences, said: “This is a fantastic achievement by our students, providing a good indicator of the quality of the healthcare programmes we deliver in the school, and the excellence of our lecturers. It's good to know that we are contributing meaningfully to the delivery of high quality health services regionally and nationally.”

Elizabeth Carver, lead lecturer and co-ordinator for clinical education commented that the students have been a great year group, and: "it seems future employers are realising that they will make excellent health professionals too. One student has even been successful in obtaining a rather attractive post that several qualified and experienced radiographers were interviewed for."


Publication date: 13 July 2015