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Bangor wins the Inter-Collegiate Eisteddfod

Some of Bangor's competitors on stage during the InterCollegiate Eisteddfod Some of Bangor's competitors on stage during the InterCollegiate Eisteddfod Welsh students from universities across Wales enjoyed a week-end of competing and socialising at the Inter Collegiate Eisteddfod, held in Bangor recently (February 17 - 19).

The weekend was a huge success with the Saturday night concert a sell-out and Bangor students winning the Festival.

Bangor’s students achieved an overall 843 marks for the Homework and Stage competitions, with Aberystwyth University in second place with 482 marks.

Mair Rowlands, President of UMCB said: "Following the hard work and preparation leading up to the event, I’m pleased that the Eisteddfod was a great success. Bangor came out on top, and the Welsh gig sold out. The atmosphere was electrifying and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to all who help and support! "

"There were many highlights during the Eisteddfod, but Lois Eifion’s success in achieving first and second prize in the Musician's Medal stands out, she’s such a talent and we owe her a very big ‘thank-you’ for leading the choirs and competing in so many stage competitions. Another highlight was when Huw Ynyr won the Blue Ribbon vocal competition. His performance was excellent, with the judges and  audience rising to their feet in applause, he really has a special voice! Of course winning the Eisteddfod was also a highlight, and it was nice to see Bangor students celebrating in their red shirts!"

Wyn Thomas, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University said, "It was a huge privilege to be present at the Inter-Collegiate Eisteddfod at the Prichard Jones Hall last Saturday to see the indisputable evidence of Bangor University student’s talent and ability. Bangor completely out-shone the other institutions and they justifiably captured the trophy. We hope to see the influence of these young individuals who are so enthusiastic and eager to compete in the literary and musical endeavours, contribute to enrich communities across Wales in the future. "

The Inter-Collegiate Eisteddfod is considered as one of the main social and cultural events calendar for any student or Welsh learners studying in Wales and also for those of Welsh societies based beyond Wales’ border.

In addition to the Stage and Homework competitions, an inter-collegiate Sports Gala, which included Rugby, Football and a Netball 7-a-side competition was held. The grand gig on Saturday night featured a number of Welsh bands - Helyntion Jo’s y Ficar, Sŵnami, Creision Hud, Al Lewis band, Y Bandana a Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog, and was a success, with tickets selling out.

"Thanks to everyone who has been involved in the arrangements and all the organizations who have agreed to sponsor the Eisteddfod in any way; Pontio as the main sponsor for the Eisteddfod as well as Students' Union and the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol for sponsoring the Chair and the Crown. Thanks as well to the Globe, Patrick's Bar, C2, and the University and Teejak. Many individuals kindly offered their support and have been named in the list of texts for the day," added Mair Rowlands.

The Eisteddfod has, over the years, provided a platform to promote the talents of a large number of students, a tradition that will doubtless continue in the future.

Publication date: 20 February 2012