CANCELLED EVENT: Have you decided how you will vote in the Referendum?

Following the tragic death yesterday of Jo Cox, MP, both sides of the EU Referendum have suspended electoral campaigning for today.

To respect this decision and, as a mark of respect to the deceased MP, Bangor Law School and the Welsh Centre for International Affairs (Cardiff) have cancelled the planned public debate on the EU Referendum scheduled for this evening, Friday 17 June, 2016.


On behalf of Bangor Law School and the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, I would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Dr. Mark Hyland


Principal organiser of the Public Debate  

Have you decided how you will vote in the referendum? Whether you’ve decided or not, you may be interested in hearing arguments for and against the UK’s  membership of the EU.

Bangor University Law School, in partnership with the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, Cardiff, are organising a public debate on the forthcoming EU referendum on Friday 17 June at 6.00.

The event will be held in Bangor University’s Eric Sunderland Lecture Theatre in the Main University Building, College Rd, Bangor.

Event organiser, Dr Mark Hyland, of Bangor Law School describes the EU Referendum as arguably the biggest decision that the British people will make in a generation.

He says:

“The EU is a complex notion with legal, economic, political and social implications for all its 508 million citizens.

Bangor Law School recognises the importance of the forthcoming referendum and believes that it is important that an informed and balanced debate be had about it. The University supports the conduct of fair and open debate in order to enable the local community to engage with speakers from both sides of the referendum divide.

The three panel format of the event reflects the key themes that come up most frequently in debate surrounding the referendum and these themes should be of interest to most people.”

The three panel discussions will focus on the impact of continued EU membership or leaving on: Jobs and Economy, Society and Law, and, The UK and International Relations. Across the panels will be a mix of politicians, business people, academics and others, representing both the Remain and Leave sides.

Each discussion will include a question and answer session, providing an opportunity for the audience to pose questions to the speakers.

If you have any queries about the event, please mail the event organiser, Dr. Mark Hyland, Bangor University Law School, at:

The event is open to all - people interested in attending are asked to register for the event via Eventbrite:

Prior registration is essential.

On the evening in question, you can tweet your views using the hashtag #EURefCymru


Publication date: 7 June 2016