Catering Services & Students' Union work together for sustainability

According to Tip Top Jobs, the majority of people will drink 4 or more cups of tea or coffee everyday. This means that an individual person could be using up to 100 paper cups every week, most of which don’t get recycled and can cost a small fortune. With the fantastic new Eros coffee machines around Bangor University campus it’s likely that this number will be even higher here, but there is now a way to help save the environment and help save you money too…

Introducing the Lug a Mug.

These handy thermal mugs are available for all caffeine addicts around the university for just £5 AND for your fiver, you don’t just get a mug, you’ll also get a voucher for 5 cups of tea/coffee – a fiver for a mug and five brews? Sounds like a proper bargain!

Using the Lug a Mug will also save you a massive 10% on your hot drinks to encourage the environmentally friendly mugs and benefit everyone who uses them.

The funky design not only looks great but the thermal insulation means your brew will stay warm without the spills or leaks of paper cups, making it perfect for lectures and around the office.

You can grab yours from Serendipity (the freshers fair in Maes Glas) on the 21st  and 22nd September or after that from Bar Uno, Café Teras or the Main Arts Coffee Pod.

Rich Gorman, Vice President of the Bangor Student’s Union, is really excited about another brilliant green initiative at Bangor.

“The Lugs a Mugs are a fantastic way to cut down on unnecessary waste from those chuck-away paper cups. We can do our bit for the planet, save some money and have a funky way to get your brew to lectures.”

Publication date: 21 September 2011