Celto-Slavica Colloquium: to Bangor, from Moscow and beyond

From today (Thursday) until the end of the weekend, Bangor University will be welcoming prominent academics from the length and breadth of Europe, as the 7th Colloquium of the Societas Celto-Slavica visits Bangor, 4-7 September.

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Papers will be presented on a broad range of topics, from the earliest evidence for the Celtic languages and their historical development to recent times, to comparisons of social institutions in the Celtic countries and early India. A new translation of the Mabinogi (into Old Russian) will be discussed, in addition to entirely contemporary topics touching on radical Welsh literary responses to Imperialism, and the effect of the First World War on the development of a Welsh literary modernism.

Societas Celto-Slavica was established some years ago in order to enhance cooperation between scholars from Ireland / the nations of Britain who have an interest in the Celtic languages, and scholars with similar interests from Slavic countries. This is the first time that its biennial colloquium has been held in Wales; it is being held in Bangor through the joint invitation of the School of Welsh and the University of Wales’s Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies.

Many of the contributors will be familar faces and voices from Welsh media: not only prominent figures from Bangor’s School of Welsh itself, Peredur Lynch and Angharad Price, but also contributors from further afield, such as Dr Elena Parina, who lectures in Welsh in Moscow and Marburg, and who is a frequent contributor to Welsh-language current-affairs programmes.

Papers will be given in Welsh (with simultaneous translation) and in English.

Enquiries: aled.llion@bangor.ac.uk

Publication date: 4 September 2014