Climate Change: The Evidence

This October, Bangor University launches a public, climate change lecture series ending on 29th November with a Question Time debate. Leading scientists including Sir John Houghton FRS and Professor James Scourse of the University’s School of Ocean Sciences, will present research evidence about climate change and its impacts on our planet.

The Climate Change Consortium of Wales Autumn Lecture Series: Climate Change: the Evidence begins on Tuesday 4th October 2011. The leading scientists from the Welsh universities will present the evidence every Tuesday evening at 7pm in Main Arts, Bangor University. Each evening will consist of two lectures, linked to an overarching theme, such as the oceans. The lecture series has been designed to foster a progression through the main themes associated with climate change, starting with the physics of climate and ending with the human and Welsh dimension of climate change. There will be time for the audience to question the scientists and an interval with tea and coffee provided.

4th October – The Physics of Climate - Prof James Scourse & Dr Tom Rippeth

11th October – Natural Climate Variability - Dr Paul Butler & Prof James Scourse

18th October – Climate Change and the Oceans - Dr Tom Rippeth & Dr Martin Ziegler

 25th October – Climate Change and the Great Ice Sheets - Prof Mike Hambrey & Prof Bryn Hubbard

1st November – Climate Change and the Human Dimension - Dr Wouter Poortinga & Dr Saskia Pagella

8th November – Climate Change and Engineering - Prof Roger Falconer & Prof Chris Freeman

15th November – Climate Change and Wales - Prof Bridget Emmett & Dr Clive Walmsley

22nd November – Climate Change and Carbon Accounting - Dr Rachel Taylor & Dr Calvin Jones

29th November – Climate Change and Education - Jane Davidson & LIVE QUESTION TIME DEBATE - Panel members: Sir John Houghton FRS, Jane Davidson, Prof James Scourse, Dr Clive Walmsley & Dr Lorraine Whitmarsh

The Climate Change Consortium Wales (C3W) is a large research partnership comprising leading multi-disciplinary teams in the four participating Welsh Universities, Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea. C3W receives core funds from the Welsh Government and extra support from the Countryside Council for Wales. Sir John Houghton FRS, formerly Head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and CEO UK Meteorological Office is our Chief Scientific Advisor. In C3W we seek to provide, and to generate, balanced and evidence-based research to underpin policy advice and initiatives in relation to climate and environmental change. Above all we seek to strengthen our understanding of the processes that drive climate change, so as to inform decisions on how to reduce any adverse impacts on our communities. We also have an outreach team committed to delivering the research to the relevant sectors of society.

Climate Change: the Evidence is the first of four annual lecture series set to be hosted by each of the four universities, with the expressed aim to create an interface between the public and researchers and featuring work from multiple disciplines. The final lecture on the 29th November will be given by Jane Davidson, former Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing and culminates in a live Question Time session. An expert panel will answer questions from the audience and C3W are pleased to announce that Sir John Houghton FRS will be one of the panel experts.

Lectures take place every Tuesday evening at 7pm in Main Arts Lecture Theatre, Main Arts Building, College Road,  Bangor from the 4th October – 29th November 2011. Entry is free of charge and open to all. Come along and hear all about the latest climate change evidence!

Publication date: 20 September 2011