Everybody Counts

'Mae Pawb yn Cyfrif' (Everybody Counts) is the claim made by Emeritus Professor Gareth Roberts in a Welsh-language publication of the same title. Written in Welsh, this 'popular' book will appeal to all tastes - those who love mathematics as well as those who hate it!

The theme of the book is the link between mathematics and main-line Welsh culture. Published by Gomer press. The book will be launched in the Science Pavilion at this year's National Eisteddfod in the Vale of Glamorgan at midday on Monday, 6 August. It will also be the focus of discussion on Bangor University's Eisteddfod stand at two o'clock on Tuesday, 7 August.

“The book presents an original and thought-provoking slant on the contemporary attitudes of the Welsh to numbers and numeracy.

“My aim is to help to popularise mathematics by showing that this fascinating subject affects each one of us” said Professor Roberts.

Professor Roberts was appointed Emeritus Professor at the School of Education in 2005. Prior to this appointment, he was head of the School of Education and Pro-vice Chancellor at Bangor University. Throughout his career, he has specialised in education mathematics, working with children, teachers and parents.

Publication date: 2 August 2012