Fancy building your own internet or even a robot?

Fancy some robot building? Some interesting free events for 11-19 year olds are being organised by Technocamps, so come along and get involved. 

Technocamps is a project being run by Bangor University, in a partnership with Aberystwyth, Glamorgan and Swansea, Universities. The project’s main focus is getting young people inspired to look into STEM subjects and mainly the Computer Science subject.

Participants will build their own robots and will learn how to use the computer language NXT-G to control their robot at the ‘Bootcamp’, which are free. The dates for the next Lego Robotics Bootcamps are as follows: 24th -26th July and 29th-31st July 2013. 

Technocamps have previously run 3-day Bootcamps on Building an Internet Network for pupils aged between 11 and 16. These participants are inspired to build a website and create an Internet network from scratch. The Bootcamp uses HTML and Professional Graphics software, the participants are also taught about hardware construction for example cabling and wiring to industry standard.

Technocamps are also running an all-girls workshop on the 24th-26th of July; this Bootcamp will focus on the ever growing topic of wearable technology. The girls will get involved in light textile work, and will incorporate a microprocessor into their designs to create some dazzling finishes with spectacular results.

For further information or to book a place please contact

Publication date: 4 July 2013