Food across the generations

Takeaways, supermarkets, fast foods, runner beans from Kenya and pizza in the freezer. We just can’t do without them today can we? Who can imagine a world without a wide selection of prepared foods? Cast your mind back a couple of generations and this vast choice of food was unimaginable.  On Thursday, 26th February there will be a cross generation community lunch held at Busy Bees café, Penrhyndeudraeth between 12-2 o'clock to discuss the food of yesterday and today.

It is one of several events organized by Organic Centre Wales which looks at food values ​​and attitudes towards local food and the modern food industry. The event is organized in cooperation with the Ysgol y Garreg Llanfrothen, Age Cymru Gwynedd, and the Geography departments of Bangor and Aberystwyth Universities.

Jane Powell of Organic Centre Wales and Dr Eifiona Thomas Lane, of Bangor University have already  held workshops with the children discussing the value of local food; mapping the origin of their food; tasting it in school lunches and asking them to share their food experiences and their awareness about the food on their plate.

The community dinner on Thursday will be an opportunity to share their work with and ask questions of the older generation, as well as an opportunity to hear the food stories of the older generation.

Dr. Eifiona Thomas Lane said:

 "I am sure that it will be an eye opener for the children to discuss their food with the pensioners in terms of what and how many different foods were available locally. Our food chain has become much longer with local products being processed far from source and then returned back here to the shops!  Producers, traders and customers have experienced major changes within the food business during the last century. "

Jane Powell of Organic Centre Wales said:

"People are far more inquisitive these days and want to know about the provenance of their food and its quality. OCW Food Values ​​project, has worked with numerous schools over the years to raise awareness about the key role  local food and growing  projects can play in  improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and entire communities.

The meal will include lamb from Bronturnor, Minfordd, which is farmed by the owner of the restaurant, Mr Jeston Homfray; and the beef comes from Glyn Davies Butcher Penrhyndeudraeth who buys meat from local farmers. The potatoes and some vegetables will also be from growers with ​​25 miles of the restaurant.

Publication date: 19 February 2015