Freshers get directed routes to University

Welcome Week at Bangor University has come around again this year, and, as the University and its Peer Guides prepare to greet its new students, local residents are advised that there may be some traffic delays in and around Bangor over the week-end of 21-22 September. Traffic can be expected to be heavy with around 2,000 students and their parents arriving at the University’s various halls of residence.

Those students arriving by car will be directed via Route Planner signage on the A55 to their Halls of Residence using different routes - a Red route and a Blue route.

The red route is through town from the Llandygai/ Llys y Gwynt roundabout and the Blue route is via Parc Menai slip road by Britannia Bridge, via Holyhead Road into Upper Bangor. Local traffic may want to avoid these routes as traffic is expected to be busy.

"The use of the blue route ensures less disruption to traffic in the city on Saturday and we split the numbers into the two days to ensure that Sunday will be the busiest day," explains Ken Griffith, Head of Residences & Head Warden at Bangor University.

As the new students arrive at their Halls, they will be greeted by their Hall Wardens who will be responsible for their pastoral care during the year.  Also on hand to assist  new students, as they settle in to University life in Bangor, are the ‘Peer Guides’; these are trained second and third year students, and you may see them around over the next few weeks, in their brightly coloured T shirts.

Publication date: 17 September 2013