North Wales Welsh for Adults Centre Comes Out on Top

The North Wales Welsh for Adults Centre at Bangor University, gets rave reviews from the learners.  The annual national Ipsos MORI survey, run by the Welsh Government, shows that the North Wales Centre scores far better than the national average:

95% of the North Wales learners thought that course providers were good, or very good ( 93% in 2013) and not one thought them to be unsatisfactory.  This compares favourably with the Wales’s national average of 87%

95% of North Wales learners also believe that the courses met, or even surpassed their expectations.(National average – 92%)

Analysis of learner satisfaction shows that the North Wales Language Centre exceeds the national average across the five main questions posed by the survey.  On three of the questions the centre received the standard of “excellence”.   This re-enforces ESTYN’s 2012 findings where the North Wales Language Centre was the only Centre in Wales to be awarded an “excellent” rating.  Learner’s opinions, collected anonymously, through the survey, typically included the following remarks:   

“Excellent teaching delivered in a fun way which keeps people interested and motivated”

“ … provides many different methods to help us learn Welsh, inside and outside of class”

“The tutors are friendly and helpful…I would recommend this course to anybody”

“The course is very structured, meaning you are always learning new things whilst reinforcing the older stuff”


Ifor Gruffydd, Director of the North Wales Welsh for Adults Centre said,

“We are very pleased that this survey reflects the excellent work our tutors do throughout the year.  The Centre’s aim is to offer the highest standards possible, and listening and responding to learners views is vital in order for us to maintain these high standards in the future”

Publication date: 25 June 2014