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Pontio seeks Creative Director

Bangor University is currently in the process of seeking a Creative Director for the £37 million Pontio Arts & Innovation Centre.


The successful candidate, who will be a Welsh speaker, will be responsible for planning programming and overseeing the performing arts that take place across the new Centre.


The Pontio Centre is intended to bring together arts, science, technology and creative industries in new and exciting ways, so the post of Creative Director will be one of the project's key posts.

“This is the first of a number of ambitious new posts, which will be geared to developing and delivering a programme of world-class performing arts as part of PONTIO's mission to become an outstanding focus for culture within Wales,” said Professor Fergus Lowe, Pontio's Project Leader.

An important role for the Creative Director will be to develop Welsh language activities, including commissioning and producing new work in the Welsh language, so that Pontio can be a catalyst for innovation and growth in Welsh arts. The Centre will be a prime event destination for members of both the local community and others from much further afield.


“As well as hosting some of the nation’s most treasured artists and companies on a regular basis, Pontio’s innovative aim to mix arts, sciences and technology could see theatre directors, designers and scientists working together on groundbreaking performances and events. This is unchartered territory, full of exploration and opportunity, and wholly unique to Bangor” said Professor Lowe.

Publication date: 8 March 2011