University and Union express concern about Bangor Fresh

Bangor University and the Bangor Students' Union have expressed concern about a planned event organised by Top Banana Promotions called "Bangor Fresh", which is aimed at students and due to take place on 18 September.

Both have concerns following similar events in the past which caused disturbance to local residents and risks to participants.

David Roberts, Registrar of Bangor University said: "We are very concerned about the welfare of individuals taking part and over the potential for disruption and problems in the local community, and we wish to emphasise that this event is not supported by the University."

Jo Caulfield, President of Bangor Students Union said: "The Students Union has a number of official events organised for Freshers Week, and we would encourage students to attend these rather than this event which has no connection whatsoever with the Students Union or University. We take the welfare of our students very seriously, and have a number of concerns about events like this."

Publication date: 6 September 2011