Welsh Assembly Government Invite Lecturer to address Communicators Network

Journalism lecturer Dr Llion Iwan was invited by WAG to address a meeting of public service communicators in Wales on Tuesday, 12 April 2011.
"Opportunities such as this one to meet professionals from the community in Wales and outline our research is very welcome, because it demonstrates that our academic research is relevant to their work environment. The invitation also demonstrates that the public sector is aware and appreciates the knowledge base that we are building,' said Llion from the School of Creative Studies and Media. His presentation, /The Media Landscape in Wales/ examined the changing face of media provision in Wales.
"The number and range of questions after the presentation showed the interest in the research, and also gave me the opportunity to question them about their experiences. I will be following up some of these avenues following the meeting."
The WAG Coms Cymru initiative, for the Public Service Communicators Network in Wales, was held over two days, the first in Cardiff and the second at their offices in Llandudno Junction.

Mr Alan Parry, Director of Corporate Communications & Marketing at Bangor University,  said "It was a valuable and interesting presentation which provided much food for thought for public sector communicators. Although this is a difficult time for the public sector in general, with a number looking to make significant service cuts, the expectations of the public remain high and there is often a resistance to change. Dr Iwan's presentation highlighted the challenges facing public service providers in explaining the difficult decisions that have to be made in light of the changes to the media in Wales."

Publication date: 13 April 2011