World attention on Bangor Bilingualism this weekend

One hundred and fifty specialists on bilingualism from the UK and abroad will converge on Bangor this weekend for a Conference organised by Bangor University’s Bilingualism Centre on ‘Bilingual & Multilingual Interaction’.

Among the invited speakers are two prominent Bangor bilingualism researchers, Professors Ginny Gathercole and Guillaume Thierry.  Both will draw on their research on Welsh-English and other bilinguals to reveal exciting new findings showing how the bilingual mind deals with two languages.  Professor Gathercole will show how the contrasting meaning systems in two languages can be shown to come from a common cognitive space, and Professor Thierry will show how bilinguals appear have both languages ‘switched on’ all the time even while they are attending to only one language.

Prof. Deuchar, the Director of the Bilingualism Centre and conference organiser, said: “This conference is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase some of the exciting findings of our research centre.  In addition to the keynote addresses by Bangor professors, there will also be many presentations and posters by Bangor staff and students.  The complete programme and abstracts can be viewed here

Publication date: 30 March 2012