Professor Richard Neal

Professor of Primary Care Medicine

Research Overview

Richard is Professor of Primary Care Medicine and is the Director of the North Wales Centre for Primary Care Research, Bangor University. Prior to this he was a Research Training Fellow, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Research in Primary Care at the University of Leeds. Richard’s main research interests are in the diagnosis and management of cancers in general practice. He holds various administrative and representative roles including Chair of the (UK) National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Primary Care Clinical Studies Group. He is a founding member of Ca-PRI (the International Cancer and Primary Care Research Network). He has won over £5M in externally peer reviewed research and research infrastructure funding in the last five years, and has published 117 peer reviewed papers.



Current position held at Bangor University:

Professor of Primary Care Medicine & Director - North Wales Centre for Primary Care Research


Previous position held at Bangor University:

2011-2012: Clinical Senior Lecturer in General Practice – North Wales Centre for Primary Care Research


Other external positions currently held:

2016: Health and Care Research Wales Senior Research Leader

2013: Member of NISCHR Faculty

2012: NCRI Primary Care Clinical Studies Group – Chair of Early Diagnosis Sub-Group

2012: NCRI – Member of Screening Prevention and Early Diagnosis Group

2011: Associate GP, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

2011: Cardiff University Honorary Senior Clinical Research Fellow

2010: Associate Editor BMC Health Services Research

2008: Cancer and Primary Care International Research Network – Founding Executive Member


Other external positions previously held:

2003-2011:  Clinical Senior Lecturer in General Practice – Cardiff University

2000–2002: Macmillan Senior Lecturer in Primary Care Oncology - University of Leeds

1996-1999: Lecturer in Primary Care Research - University of Leeds

1994-1996: Research Training Fellow - University of Leeds


Educational Background:

2009: FRCGP

2000: PhD, University of Leeds

1999: Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, University of Leeds

1994: MRCGP

1988: MB ChB, University of Birmingham


2013: NISCHR Faculty

2012: RCGP Research Paper of the Year Award – Children & Medicines Category

2012: RCGP Annual Conference - Best poster

2012: SAPC Annual Conference - Best poster

2008: SAPC/NAPCRG- Travel prize for best presentation



Research Interests:

My main research interest is the interface of cancer with primary care, especially relating to early diagnosis and survivorship. This is driven by a desire to improve outcomes for patients with cancer, by understanding and changing the ways in which their diagnosis and survivorship experience is influenced by primary care. I have expertise in both quantitative and qualitative work, including evidence synthesis, observational studies, and randomised controlled trials.


Keywords to describe Research areas and interests:

Primary Care, Oncology, Randomised controlled trials, Evidence synthesis, Diagnosis, Health Services Research, General Practice


Impact of Research:

Significant policy relevance and impact in the field of primary care oncology since 2003. Impact has been made in two main areas:

  • The role of primary care in the earlier diagnosis of symptomatic cancer; for example by determining the predictive value of symptoms and translating this into Risk Assessment Tools for clinical practice

  • The contribution of primary care to cancer follow-up and the management of survivorship; for example by changing practice by illuminating poor care in prostate cancer


Impact of Current/Future Impact:

As PI / CI I currently lead:

  • ELCID – This is a pilot trial of earlier chest x-ray to diagnose lung cancer. If successful as a pilot this will lead to a further clinical trial (funded by Cancer Research UK)
  • ICBP 4 – This is the Welsh arm of an international comparative survey of cancer diagnosis and is likely to directly inform cancer policy and clinical practice (funded by Cancer Research Wales)
  • ABC-DEEP – This multi-centre study builds the evidence base for the early symptomatic diagnosis of cancer and will inform future policy (funded by Cancer Research UK)
  • Diagnostic journeys in myeloma – the first study of its kind in myeloma (funded by Tenovus)

I collaborate on grants led from elsewhere:

  • DISCOVERY – A research programme on optimising diagnosis in symptomatic cancer, already having significant policy and practice outcomes (funded by NIHR)
  • ACE – This is a trial of adolescent cancer awareness in schools, and is the first of its kind (funded by Scottish Government)
  • PROSPECTIV – This a trial of a psycho-educational intervention for men after prostate cancer treatment (funded by Prostate Cancer Charity)
  • ASTRID – This development and testing of a new tool to measure the diagnostic interval in cancer (funded by Cancer Research UK)
  • The Bangor / Cambridge / Durham collaboration – This is analysis of existing datasets including RCGP Cancer Diagnosis Audit (funded by NIHR)


Our main funders of Research:

In addition to the funding bodies above I receive funding from Public Health Wales and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. Contributed to £4.4M in lifetime grant capture and £2.8M in past five years.


Research Environment:

Health is one of three strategic research priorities for Bangor University. Our research is focused and integrated through the methodological approaches of implementation research, knowledge synthesis, health economics and molecular laboratory studies, with key clinical foci on rehabilitation, dementia and cancer. We benefit from strong connections to related research in other units of the University, close collaboration with the local health board (which covers the whole of North Wales and is the third largest in Europe), as well as from participation in wider collaborative networks led by Cardiff and Liverpool, and in specific UK- and EU-wide projects. 


Key Publications

Nicholson BD, Mant D, Neal RD, Hart N, Hamilton W, Shinkins B, Rubin G, Rose PW. International variation in adherence to referral guidelines for suspected cancer: a secondary analysis of survey data. BJGP, Online First. 2016.

doi: 10.3399/bjgp16X683449

Shephard E, Neal RD, Rose PW, Walter FM, Hamilton W. The symptoms of adult chronic and acute Leukaemia before diagnosis: large primary care case-control studies using electronic records. BJGP. 2016; 66(64):e182-8. doi: 10.3399/bjgp16X683989

Rai N, Champaneria R, Snell K, Mallett S, Bayliss SE, Neal RD, Balogun M, Kehoe S, Deeks JJ, Sundar S, Davenport C. Symptoms, ultrasound imaging and biochemical markers alone or in combination for the diagnosis of ovarian cancer in women with symptoms suspicious of ovarian cancer (Protocol). Cochrane Library. 2015. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD011964

Hughes DL, Neal RD, Lyratzopoulos G, Rubin GP. Profiling for primary care presentation, investigation and referral for liver cancers – evidence from a national audit. European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. (Accepted).

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PhD Supervision, PGT & UG teaching:

I teach individual medical students and have had a variety of strategic roles. For example I have contributed to the recruitment of teaching practices, marking and final examinations (MBBCH) for Cardiff University. I have contributed in to post-graduate education of doctors and other health care professionals. Some examples include supporting post-graduate education schemes, and our clinical academic fellows programme in collaboration with the Health Board.   We currently host a novel F1 rotation involving our academic unit. I am now involved with the teaching of the new BMedSci course at Bangor University. The aim of the Medical Sciences BMedSci degree is to provide a science programme related to medicine with strong professional skills/ethics and research elements. My role is to supervise 2nd and 3rd year students with their research project proposals. I have supervised PhD students. I have acted as an external examiner for 5 PhDs.