Project Investigators


Surf 2Turf: NERC Macronutrients consortium

The Multi-Scale Response of Water Quality, Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration to Coupled Macronutrient Cycling from Source to Sea.

This project aims to reduce uncertainty in our understanding of when, where and how C , N and P cycles are coupled through the air, land-water continuum exploiting data-rich platforms in the Conwy 'Source to Sea' catchment, supplemented by the Ribble, where major research investment is already in place spanning the air, land-water continuum. New work will be focussed on integration of current knowledge, plus developing new understanding focussed on current gaps in our knowledge in three critical processes: net primary productivity, decomposition and nutrient cycling, and their links to waste breakdown in particular the fate of human pathogens. This work will focus on key 'hotspots' within a catchment: the riparian zone, in-stream, and the riverine estuarine transition zone. (Aim from the project proposal)

In CAMS/SOS we are leading WP 5: Nutrient-pathogen flux and interactions into and through the Riverine-Estuarine Transition Zone (RETZ)

This WP aims to progress understanding of nutrient transfers and nutrient-pathogen relationships at the critical interface of fresh and salt waters through a novel observational dataset down the riverine system and into and beyond the RETZ of the Conwy system to include fluvial and marine nutrient inputs, floc properties and dynamics, pathogen type and activity, nutrients and other key environmental parameters. Process studies will focus on the interaction between C, N and P conditions and pathogen survival and viability.