Marine Biogeochemistry

The Marine Biogeochemistry group has conducted world-class interdisciplinary research in the chemistry of biophilic elements and boasts national and international collaborations with some of the world's leading research institutions in chemical and biological oceanography. Our laboratories are equipped for the use of rigorous techniques and their application for the precise and accurate measurements of carbon species in aquatic environments in its particulate and dissolved organic and inorganic forms to trace and quantify biological activity and inorganic reactions. To this end, we are also equipped for, and have used, measurements of the abundance of stable carbon isotopes in biological and inorganic materials from aquatic environments. In the process, we train marine geochemists to rigorous standards of practice. Our research has taken us in open and coastal oceanic waters from the seagrass meadows and mangrove forests of the tropics to one of the frontiers in marine biogeochemistry, the extreme conditions of the Earth's cryosphere in the polar oceanic regions.

Current Research