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Consultation on the development of an Estate Strategy

The University estate comprises some 126 buildings which are dispersed across a number of locations, with the nucleus of the University located close to Bangor city centre and comprising of the College Road, Pontio and the Deiniol Road site. In addition, the University operates from a further ten sites at varying distances from this hub.

This document proposes a radical consolidation of the University’s Estate to reduce the footprint and improve the quality of the built estate, thereby reducing costs and improving the experience of students, staff and visitors.

Analysis of the size, condition and levels of usage of the estate together with a realistic assessment of potential levels of future investment by the University all indicate that a managed consolidation is the only viable option to deliver the savings we require within the modest investment budget available.

This document outlines the position and presents analyses in support of this conclusion. The document aims to provide the basis for a consultation with all stakeholders. Following consultation, a detailed and fully costed delivery plan will be developed to be implemented over the 2020–2030 period of this plan.

The consultation closed on 25 June 2019.