Virtual Tour - Computer Lab

The Wheldon Computer Lab

The Wheldon Computer Lab is the Psychology undergraduate students'main computer lab. It is the largest and most creatively-utilised of all the university computer labs with over 100 PC's. Some modules for each year are held in the Lab, which can be divided to accommodate larger or smaller class sizes. In these modules, students may learn to analyse data using statistical software, or simulate genetic selection, or study the brain and how memory works. When no classes are being run there, students can use the computers to work on assignments, do research, check emails, or browse the internet. All computers are networked to high-speed printers, the internet, and university resources such as the library with its wealth of online resources for students. The computers are loaded with software for word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics and drawing, creating graphs, statistics, presentations, browsers and email, and psychology courseware-related software.