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Bangor marine energy research in UK Parliamentary briefing

A UK Parliament POST on Marine Renewable Energy cited recent Bangor University research on the role of marine energy for a low-carbon, resilient, and sustainable future.

The paper, published in the journal Energy, was led by Dr Matt Lewis in the School of Ocean Sciences, who collaborated with industry to quantify the quality of electricity produced from a commercial grid-connected tidal turbine in Orkney, Scotland. The research found tidal energy to be predictable even at sub-second “turbulent” time-scales, which may be beneficial for future grid systems with a high penetration of renewables. Prof. Simon Neill, a co-author of the study, said that, “although the cost of tidal energy is currently higher than many other renewables, the quality and predictability of the electricity produced by tidal turbines may be worth the additional investment”.

The UK Government POSTNOTE 625 is available here:

The original Energy paper is available here:


Publication date: 19 June 2020