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PGR Training skills sessions offered by CAHB

Building a Researcher Web Presence

Dr Ifan Jones

Social media have considerably changed the academic researcher’s toolkit in recent years. This workshop will introduce you to how you can use social media to spread the word about your research, communicate and collaborate with others online and to build a web presence via academic blogging or other platforms. This workshop will be in Welsh.

When:   26 March, 1-2 pm    

Where: Alun 106

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Applying for an Academic Job

Dr Helena Miguelez-Carballeira

In this workshop, we will discuss how the academic market has changed in the past few years and the skills you will need to develop to apply for your first academic position. Examples of job adverts, CVs and application letters will be provided and discussed. Bring your CV along too, and you will receive feedback on how to improve it! This session will be in English.

When: 8 May, 2-3 pm   

Where: Alun 106

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Publication date: 20 March 2019