The Bangor University ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

What is the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account?

Impact “…is the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy.” – RCUK

The Bangor University ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) has been extended to March 2019. Applications are welcome from all disciplines.

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) awarded the prestigious Impact Acceleration Account block grants to 24 select universities, including Bangor University, to accelerate opportunities for delivering economic and social impact.

Through the IAA block grant, the ESRC aims to enable Bangor University to provide funding for knowledge exchange (KE) activities in ways that best suit our institutional strategies and opportunities for delivering impact. (This funding is complementary to other routes of funding, such as Pathways to Impact, which will remain the primary mechanism through which the ESRC expects opportunities for KE and impact from research to be funded).

The Bangor University ESRC Impact Acceleration Account is designed to support economic and social impact the following key areas:

  • Building relationships and networks with potential users of research to facilitate co-production of knowledge and maximise impact.
  • Movement and secondment of people between Research Organisations and user stakeholders.
  • Support for researchers to build networks with potential users of the products of their research, and further work to establish ‘proof of concept’ for their innovations.
  • Drive culture change within Bangor University to promote knowledge exchange and improve related skill sets and capabilities.
  • Improve engagement with the public sector, civil society, industry (including SMEs, local business and Innovate UK) and publics.

What the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account is not

The ESRC Impact Acceleration Account is not a research grant. It is to be used for delivering impact from research that is already completed.

The ESRC Impact Acceleration Account is not a pot of internal money. Bangor University – and all Bangor University IAA funding recipients – are accountable to the ESRC for expenditures, including the provision of detailed reporting and responding to audits.

Sustainability and follow-on from funding

The ESRC expects all IAA funding recipients to demonstrate sustainability of activity or outputs beyond the funded period, rather than reliance upon ESRC IAA funds. Applicants should demonstrate a consideration for post-project follow-on activity in their applications and in their reporting (if successfully funded). This could be, for example, knowledge exchange, public engagement, active dissemination, additional funding, and/or commercialisation activities that arise during the lifespan of or following the IAA-funded project.

Successful applicants will be required to complete a Follow-on Report one year after project completion in order to demonstrate activities that arise—either planned for or unforeseen—that contribute to the RCUK’s definition of Pathways to Impact.

Funding and training for Bangor University researchers

Bangor University staff are invited to visit Bangor University ESRC IAA Schemes (staff log-in required) to learn more about the available funding schemes, application guidance, and training programmes. Alternatively, please email

ESRC IAA funded projects

The Bangor University ESRC Impact Acceleration Account has funded 55 projects to date from a range of disciplines, including Social Sciences, Psychology, Biological Sciences, Journalism, English, Bilingualism, and Business. You can read from a selection of IAA funded projects.

Collaborations and partnerships

We welcome collaborations with external partners from other universities, research organisations, businesses, charities and more, both regionally and worldwide. To find out how your organisation can benefit from a partnership with Bangor University, or for further information about Bangor University’s ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, please email or call +44 (0)1248 36 5924.