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Nominations for the Drapers Medal 2017/18

The Senate Prizes and Awards Committee is requesting nominations for the Drapers Medal 2018.

The Drapers’ Company will kindly donate two medals each academic year to be awarded to outstanding research students. One medal is in silver and the other in bronze containing the Drapers’ coat of arms and the name of the person gaining the award with the following words “For an outstanding postgraduate contribution”.

Each medal will be awarded to a research student in their final or writing up year who has made an outstanding academic, cultural or social contribution to the University.  Such a contribution may be in terms of excellence in scholarship, impact of research, pastoral support and monitoring, assistance with recruitment, helping the University to increase its reputation or gaining excellent publicity for us.

Nominations can be made on the attached form by any member of the academic or service staff, Students’ Union, or an external person who works closely with the University.  All nominations should be sent to Karen Chidley ( in the Academic Registry by 24th January 2018.

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Publication date: 28 November 2017