Applying for Distance Learning Courses

You should apply for the course using our online application system. More information is also available from the University's website.

When we receive your completed forms, we will endeavour to keep you informed as to the status of your application, giving you a decision at the earliest possible opportunity.  It is our intention to make the application process as quick and transparent as possible.

Forestry-related courses

Entrance to the course is annually September.*  You can apply to enter our distance learning programme at any time – if you wish to register by September you must submit your application by:

31st July of the same year at the very latest for MSc Forestry.

31st July of the same year at the very latest for MSc Tropical Forestry.

*The first module will officially commence in late September and there will be a week previous to the module start date where you will complete online registration, a compulsory ' Study Skills Test' and spend time familiarising yourself with the online course materials.

If you are seriously considering applying you are encouraged to contact the course director in advance.  Each and every application is judged on its own merits.  It is very important that applicants are fully aware of the demands of the course and the realities of distance learning.

Food Security in a Changing Environment

Students may begin their study at the beginning of any module offering, paced throughout the year, occurring at the end of September, the end of January and the middle of June.

The application deadline is 4 weeks before start of the module.


Entry Requirements

Forestry-related courses

Our distance learning programmes are specifically designed to allow people who have not had any higher education in these subject areas the opportunity to undertake a masters' level course whilst remaining in full-time employment.

Generally an Honours Degree in a relevant science or technology subject is required.

Students may also be enrolled if they have non-graduate qualifications which the University has deemed to be of a satisfactory standard for the purpose of postgraduate admission.

However in recognition of the value of work experience and the need to educate people currently in employment, traditional "academic" qualifications are not necessarily a requirement for acceptance onto our distance learning programmes, and non-graduates whose relative lack of formal qualifications is compensated for by his / her age and relevant work experience may also be admitted provided the candidate is aged 25 or more and has held, for a minimum of 2 years, a position of responsibility of relevance to the Degree. 

If you are in any doubt about whether you qualify for entry onto the distance learning programme, please 'phone us: (+44 (0)1248 382281) or email us:


Food Security in a Changing Environment

The entry requirements reflect the expected student profile, i.e. age 26+, working and experienced in their field. Many applicants will have technical knowledge through work experience. 

Entry requirements are as follows:

  • a first or second class honours degree in a relevant subject, e.g. Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Agriculture;
  • a third class honours degree or an ordinary degree in a relevant subject, plus a minimum of two years relevant work experience;
  • a minimum of two years relevant experience in agri-based food industries or related work in a position of demonstrable responsibility.

Language requirements are IELTS 6.0 for overseas students.

If you have any queries about entry onto this distance learning programme, please 'phone us: (+44 (0)1248 382285) or email us: