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Responsibilities within SENRGY

I am a development and environmental sociologist with multiple experiences in interdisciplinary research in West Africa and South America. Since the last 15 years I’ve been working in Senegal, Sierra Leone and mainly Bolivia on several topics like religion and agricultural development, land reforms, community-based institutions, indigenous management of forest resources, large-scale land acquisition and payment for environmental services (PES).

 My PHD research from the Graduate Institute of International and Development studies (IHEID/Geneva) focused on institutional changes among the indigenous Tsimane’ and Andean migrants of the Bolivian Amazon and their effects on the tropical forest ecosystem.

I am now coordinating a research project at Bangor University on the outcomes of a PES program in Bolivia. These transdisciplinary research combines different knowledge from GIS, hydrology, remote sensing and socio-economy to assess the socio-environmental impacts of a Watershed Reciprocal Arrangement scheme among different water and land users in the Rio Grande valley near Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Recent Publications

(2015). Boillat, S., Dao, H., Bottazzi, P., Sandoval, Y., Luna, A., Thongmanivong, S., Lerch, L., Bastide, J., Heinimann, A., Giraut, F., Integrating forest cover change with census data: drivers and contexts from Bolivia and the Lao PDR. land 4, 45-82.

(2014). Reyes-García, V., Paneque-Gálvez, J., Bottazzi, P., Luz, A.C., Gueze, M., Macia, M., Pacheco, P., Indigenous land reconfiguration and fragmented institutions: A historical political ecology of Tsimane' land (Bolivian Amazon). Journal of Rural Studies 34, 282-291.

Bottazzi, Patrick, David Crespo, Harry Soria, Jean-Paul Benavides, Marcelo Clavijo, and Stephan Rist. 2014. Carbon sequestration in community forests: trade-offs and synergies of multiple outcomes and institutional diversity in the Bolivian Amazon. Development and Change no. 45 (1):105-131.

(2013). Jacobi, J., Schneider, M., Bottazzi, P., Rist, S., Agroecosystem resilience and farmers' perceptions of climate change impacts on cocoa farms in Alto Beni, Bolivia. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 1-14,

(2013). Bottazzi, P., Reyes-Garcia, V., Crespo, D., Steifel, S.-l., Jacobi, J., Clavijo, M., Rist, S., Productive diversity and sustainable use of complex social-ecological systems. A comparative study amongst indigenous and settlers in the Bolivian Amazon, Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, vol 38, Issue 2 pp. 137-164

(2013). Bottazzi, P., Cattaneo, A., Crespo Rocha, D., Rist, S., Assessing sustainable forest management under REDD+: A community-based labour perspective. Ecological Economics 93, 94-103.

(2013). Bottazzi P., H. Dao. On the road through the Bolivian Amazon: A multi-level land governance analysis of deforestation, Land Use Policy, 30 (1): 137-146.   

(2012). Bottazzi P., S. Rist. Changing Land Rights Means Changing the Society: The Sociopolitical Effects of Agrarian Reforms under the government of Evo Morales, Journal of Agrarian Change 12(4): 528-551.

Peer review journal (submitted publication)

Bottazzi, P., Goguen, A., Rist, S., in review. Large-scale land acquisition and customary land governance: tenure security or gerontocracy ? Journal of Peasant Studies x, xx-xx.

(submitted) Johanna Jacobi, Monika Schneider, Maria Pillco Mariscal, Stephanie Huber, Simon Weidmann, Patrick Bottazzi, Stephan Rist, Social-ecological resilience in organic and non-organic cocoa farming systems in Bolivia. Ecology and Society, x, xx-xx.


(2014). P. Bottazzi, Une écologie politique des territoires tsimane’ d’Amazonie bolivienne : « notre grande maison ». Karthala/Graduate Institute Publications, Paris-Genève, 196 p.

Chapters in peer-reviewed books

(2014) Paneque-Gálvez, J., Luz, A.C., Bottazzi, P., Guèze, M., Reyes-García, V., “Breve historia del pueblo tsimane’: territorio, recursos naturales y gobernanza indígena”, in: Reyes-García, V., Huanca, T. (Eds.), Cambio global. Cambio local. Radiografía del proceso de cambio en la sociedad tsimane', amazonía boliviana. Icaria. Institut Català d'Antropologia, pp. 37-62.

(2014) Rist, Stephan, Barbara Darr, and Patrick Bottazzi.  "At the interface of culture, development, and forests: Insights from Bolivia and Kenya." In Forests and Rural Development edited by Juergen Pretzsch, Holm Uibrig and Dietrich Darr, 167-204. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer Publishing.

(2011). Geiser, U., P. Bottazzi, M. Epprecht, G. Fokou, A. Fritschi, R. Ramakumar, B. Shahbaz, B. Steinmann and B. Strasser. Access to livelihood assets: Inclusion, exclusion, and the reality of development interventions, in Wiesmann, U. and Hurni, H. (eds) Research for Sustainable Development: Foundations, Experiences, and Perspectives, pp. 313-330. Bern: Perspectives of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South, University of Bern, Geographica Bernensia.

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(2009). Bottazzi, P. Indigenous Governance, Protected Areas and Decentralized Forestry: A comparative Analyses of Two Tsimane’ Territories in the Bolivian Lowlands. in S. Rist and U. Geiser, editors. Decentralisation Meets Local Complexity: Local Struggles, State Decentralisation and Access to Natural Resources in South Asia and Latin America. pp. 155-189,NCCR Perspective, University of Bern, Geographica Bernensia, Bern, Switzerland

(2008). Bottazzi, P. Linking "Socio" and "Bio" Diversity: The Stakes of Indigenous and Non-indigenous Co-management in the Bolivian Lowlands. in M. Galvin and T. Haller, editors. People, Protected Areas and Global Change: Participatory Conservation in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. pp. 81-109, NCCR Perspective, University of Bern, Geographica Bernensia, Bern, Switzerland.

(2007) Hufty, M., Bottazzi, P., Peublos autóchtonos, ciudadanía y gobernanza ambientalista en América Latina: El caso de las Tierras Bajas bolivianas, in: Fuente, M.d.l., Hufty, M. (Eds.), Movimientos Sociales y Ciudadanía. Plural, La Paz, pp. 177-212.

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(2006). M. Hufty and Bottazzi, P., Peuples indigènes et citoyenneté en Amérique Latine: entre adaptation et résistance à l'ordre Mondial. in G. Froger, (eds), La mondialisation contre le développement durable ? pp. 181-198, P.I.E-Peter Lang, Bruxelles.

(2005). M. Hufty and Bottazzi, P., Gobernanza de los Bosques y Conservación en Bolivia. in M. Hufty, C. Auroi, and M. d. l. Fuente, (eds), Gobernancia, gobernabilidad y democratización. A dónde va Bolivia ? pp. 149-181, IUED, Plural, Nccr N-S, La Paz.

(2005). Bottazzi, P. and M. Hufty, Citoyenneté "autochtone" et réformes environnementales en Amazonie bolivienne. LAZOS, Université Paris X Nanterre n°7:135-146.

Conference proceeding

(2012). Bottazzi, P., Governance of Biocultural Diversity: Theoretical Aspects, Framework, and Empirical Perspectives, International Conference on Research for Development (ICRD 2012). NCCR North-South Dialogue, vol 44., p. 133.

(2006). Bottazzi P.,  La gouvernance des aires protégées et des territoires tsimane’ en Amazonie bolivienne : genèse des organisations autochtones et processus de décentralisation, Communication au colloque international “Les frontières de la question foncière », Montpellier, 17 mai 2006, 23 p.

Phd and master thesis

(2009). Aux frontières des “ordres” institutionnels territoriaux. Peuples autochtones, aires protégées et colonisation agricole en Amazonie bolivienne, PhD Thesis, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, UA Development, University of Geneva, 456 p.

(2003). Pour une approche socio-anthropologique de la décentralisation : outils et modèles d’analyse, Geneva, IUED, Master Thesis, 60 p.

(2001). Religion et développement: intégration d'une exploitation confrérique au champ hydro-agricole de la vallée du fleuve Sénégal, Bachelor degree in Sociology, University of Gaston-Berger, Saint-Louis, Senegal, 280 p.