Dr R.M. Brook - Staff Profile

image of Dr Rob Brook

Dr Rob Brook
Senior Lecturer in Agriculture & Rural Development

Thoday Building, room F17

Email: r.m.brook@bangor.ac.uk

Tel: 01248 382517 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 382517 (International)


Qualifications and Membership of Professional Bodies

  • BSc Botany (hons), University of Dundee (1975)
  • PhD Crop physiology, University of Dundee (seconded toJames Hutton Institute) (1980)
  • Member Tropical Agriculture Association

Research Interests

This can be summarised as sustainable land use, particularly in the tropics. This encompasses agronomy, crop physiology, agroforestry, rural development and effects of urbanisation on peri-urban land use.

Research grant: Evidence based decision making: Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) for the livestock sector of Costa Rica (with CATIE, Costa Rica). UK Science and Innovation Fund. £120,000. 2015-16.

Current research students:

Alhashmi, M. Effects of environment on grain quality for human food in naked barley. PhD. (2015-2018). Jointly supervised with Dr Katherine Steele, Bangor.

Brockington, J. D. Adoption and impact of agroforestry in adivasi areas of western India. PhD (part time) (2012-2017)

Recently completed research students:

Padovan, M. (2016) Water relations in coffee agroforestry systems, Nicaragua. PhD.

Al-Soul, A. (2015) Degradation of natural resources in the coastal plain of Libya. PhD.

Casimir, A-M. (2015)   From volcanic ash to allophanic dust: Understanding phosphorus behaviour in Dominican soils. PhD.

Sarkissian, A. (2015) Exploring payments for ecosystems services using native tree planting in Lebanon. PhD.

Merzaei-Heydari, M. (2013) The role of bio-inoculants on phosphorus relations of barley. PhD.

Keerio, M. (2012) Genetic variation in field emergence and related traits in naked and covered spring barley. PhD.

Manongi, F.S. (2012) Religious phenomenology, socio-demography and ecology in the rural Mt Kilimajaro, Tanzania. PhD.

Bautista-Solis, P. (2012) Factors affecting adoption of agroforestry intervention by livestock farmers in Central America. PhD.


Recent Publications

Padovan, M.P., Deffner, A.C., Navarrete, L.F., Navarrete, E.D., Barrios, M., Vilchez, S.M., Vega, C., Costa, A.N., Brook, R.M., Rapidel, B. (2015) Root niche differentiation in a coffee shaded with Tabebuia rosea Bertol. and Simarouba glauca DC. compared to full sun coffee in sub-optimal environmental conditions. Agroforestry Systems.  89: 857-868.

Brockington, J.D., Harris, I. M., Brook, R. M. (2015) Beyond the project cycle: a medium-term evaluation of agroforestry adoption and diffusion in a south Indian village. Agroforestry Systems. doi: 10.1007/s10457-015-9872-0

Ayub, M., Brook, R. M., Tariq, M., Nadeem, M. A., Tahir, M. (2013) Genotypic diversity of perennial and annual wheat for root and shoot behaviour. Romanian Agricultural Research 30: 135-140.

Steele, K.,  Dickin, E. T., Keerio, M.D., Samad S., Kambona, C., Brook, R. M., Thomas, W., Frost, G. (2013) Breeding low-glycemic index barley for functional food. Field Crops Research 154: 31-39 .

Tiwari, T P, Brook, R M, Wagstaff, P and Sinclair, F L. (2012) Effects of light environment in hillside agroforestry systems of Nepal. Food Security 4: 103-114.

Keerio, M D; Brook, R M; Steele, K A. (2011) Improving field establishment of naked barley using exotic genotypes. Aspects of Applied Biology 109: 143 – 147.

Namirembe, S., Brook, R.M. and Ong, C.K. (2009) Manipulating phenology and water relations in Senna spectabilis in a water-limited environment in Kenya. Agroforestry Systems 75: 197-210.

Andrade, H.J., Brook, R. and Ibrahim, M. (2008) Growth, production and carbon sequestration of silvopastoral systems with native timber species in the dry lowlands of Costa Rica. Plant and Soil 308: 11-22.

Brook, R.M., Hillyer, K.J. and Bhuvaneshwari, G. (2008) Microfinance for community development, poverty alleviation and natural resource management in peri-urban Hubli-Dharwad, India. Environment and Urbanization 20: 149-163.

Brook, R.M., Bhat, P. and Nitturkar, A. (2006) Livelihoods from dairying enterprises for the landless in the peri-urban interface around Hubli-Dharwad, India. In: The peri-urban interface in developing areas: approaches to sustainable natural and human resource use (ed. McGregor, D.F.M., Simon, D. and Thompson, D.A.), Earthscan, London. pp 94-103.

Prasad, R.B. and Brook, R.M. (2005) Effect of varying maize densities on intercropped maize and soybean in Nepal. Experimental Agriculture 41: 365-382.