Dr P. Cross - Staff Profile

Dr Paul Cross

Dr Paul Cross
Senior Lecturer in the Environment

Thoday Building, room S1

Email: paul.cross@bangor.ac.uk

Tel: 01248 382991 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 382991 (International)



The website of the conservation science group at Bangor (conservation@Bangor)

Research Interests

  • Beekeeping as a poverty alleviation tool
  • Bee morphometrics
  • Zoonotic disease, with a particular focus on E. coli O157 and the evaluation of interventions
  • Choice-based modelling and its application to opinion elicitation
  • Estimating disease prevalence rates, illicit or illegal behaviours and drug use through the use of socio-economic methodologies
  • Development and application of bee-tracking devices

Responsibilities within SENRGy/BU

  • Course Director for MSc Conservation and Land Management (CLM)
  • Chair of the College of Natural Sciences Marketing Committee
  • SENRGy Research Committee member

Current or Recent Projects

2014. Sources, Seasonality, Transmission and Control: Campylobacter and human behaviour in a changing environment: Identifying poultry supply chain knowledge gaps. RCUK

2014. A Systematic and Participatory Review of Research on the Impact of Agriculture on Water Quality in Ireland. Irish EPA.

2014. Glastir Efficiency Scheme (Carbon footprints of livestock farms). Welsh Govt.

2014. Glastir Efficiency Scheme (Socio-econ study of the wider benefits of GES). Welsh Govt.

2010: Estimating bird crime prevalence rates using three novel techniques. British Academy.

2009: The prevalence of non-treatment of sheep scab in Wales and the economic cost to the livestock industry, Welsh Assembly Government.

2009: Raising awareness about food-borne pathogens in Wales. Local Authority and Research Council Initiative (LARCI).

2008: Food-borne Pathogen knowledge transfer. ESRC.

2008-2010: Reducing Escherichia coli O157 risk in rural communities. RES-229-25-0012. RELU.

Research Students

Jake Shearwood: Development of a miniature vibration energy harvester for battery-less tracking of honey bees. PhD.

Kata Wagner: The impact of beekeeping in the Tanzanian Miombo; understanding the beekeeper as a forest resource user. Ph.D.

Shareefa Sultan Hamad Alsalem: Effectiveness of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).Ph.D

Deborah Ruth Amulen: Identifying barriers to honey production among the rural poor in sub-Saharan Africa: A Ugandan case study Ph.D


Recent Publications

Amulen, D.R., P. Spanoghe, M. Houbraken, A. Tamale, D.C. de Graaf, P. Cross, and G. Smagghe. 2017. Environmental contaminants of honeybee products in Uganda detected using LC-MS/MS and GC-ECD. PLOS ONE. 12:e0178546.

Amulen, D.R., D’Haese, M., Ahikiriza, E., Agea, J.G., Jacobs, F.J., de Graaf, D.C., Smagghe, G. & Cross, P. (2017) The buzz about bees and poverty alleviation: Identifying drivers and barriers of beekeeping in sub-Saharan Africa. PLOS ONE, 12, e0172820.

Utaile, Y.U. & Cross, P. 2016. Time-series analysis of variations in pesticide use and hazard from vegetable production in Great Britain. Journal of Hill Agriculture, 7, 102-109.

Taft, H.E., Cross, P.A., Edwards-Jones, G., Moorhouse, E.R. & Jones, D.L. 2017. Greenhouse gas emissions from intensively managed peat soils in an arable production system. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 237, 162-172.

Carton, O., Cross, P., Jones, A., Crosse, S., Withers, P., Augustenborg, C.,  Doody, D. 2016. A Systematic and Participatory  Review of Research on the Impact of Agriculture on Aquatic Ecosystems in Ireland. Environmental Protection Agency, Wexford, Ireland.

Carton, O., Cross, P., Jones, A., Crosse, S., Withers, P., Augustenborg, C.,  Doody, D. 2016. Identifying Approaches to Improving Knowledge Exchange (KE) in the Irish Agri-Food Sector using Expert Opinion. Environmental Protection Agency, Wexford, Ireland.

Jones AK, Rigby D, Burton M, Millman C, Williams NJ, Jones TR, Wigley P, O’Brien SJ, Cross P. 2016. Restaurant cooking trends and increased risk for Campylobacter infection. Emerging Infectious Diseaseshttp://dx.doi.org/10.3201/eid2207.151775

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