Professor D.L. Jones - Staff Profile

Professor Davey Jones
Professor of Soil & Environmental Science

Room 206, Environment Centre Wales, Bangor University, LL57 2UW, UK


Tel: 01248 382579 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 382579 (International)


Responsibilities within SENRGY/BU

  • Departmental Radiation Protection Officer
  • SENRGy Research Committee Member
  • SENRGY Management Committee Member
  • SENRGY Henfaes Committee: Research
  • CNS Estates Committee

Current external Responsibilities:

  • BBSRC Panel Member
  • NERC College Member
  • Welsh Government Land Use and Climate Change Group Member
  • Associate Editor with Agriculture
  • Associate Editor with Soil and Environmental Science
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists
  • Associate Editor with Rhizosphere
  • Training manager for the STARS College of Doctoral Training in Soil Science

Qualifications and Membership of Professional Bodies

B.Sc. (Hons), Soil Science, University of Aberdeen

Ph.D, Plant Science, University of Oxford

Member of the British Society for Soil Science

Research Interests

Plant-soil-microbe interactions, Environmental Pollution, Human Pathogens, Dissolved Organic Nitrogen, Soil Quality, Freshwater pollution, Crop Science, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Agronomy and Modelling.

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Davey Jones holds a Professorial Chair in Soil and Environmental Science at Bangor University. Previously, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow held jointly between Cornell University and the US Department of Agriculture in the USA (with Prof Leon Kochian). He also carried out postdoctoral work under Prof Simon Gilroy at Penn State University.  A major focus of his research is on understanding below-ground processes with specific focus on nutrients and human pathogen behavior in soil-plant-microbial systems.

Current applications of his work include (1) the implementation of strategies for controlling E. coli O157 and viral pathogens in agricultural, freshwater and marine ecosystems, (2) promoting carbon sequestration in agricultural systems and understanding the factors regulating carbon cycling and greenhouse gas emissions, (3) developing ways to improve nutrient use efficiency in cropping systems with specific focus on nitrogen and phosphorus, (4) nutrient dynamics in polar (Arctic and Antarctic ecosystems), (5) devising strategies for the effective reuse of wastes for land restoration and remediation (heavy metals and organic pollutants), (6) soil microbial diversity and ecosystem functioning, (7) modelling nutrients dynamics in the plant-soil-microbial and freshwater ecosystems, (8) understanding  the barriers to technology adoption by farmers, (9) the flow of endocrine disrupting chemicals in the environment, and (10) the impact of flooding, drought and ozone on ecosystem functioning (including tipping points) and potential strategies to enhance ecosystem resilience.

He has published more than 350 scientific journal articles (H-index = 55; 14,000 citations) and has advised government on both their waste and climate change policies. His research is mainly funded via NERC, BBSRC, Welsh Government, Defra and the European Union.

Recent Publications


Ramirez, K.S.; Knight, C.G.; de Hollander, M.; Jones, D.L. et al. (2018) Detecting macroecological patterns in bacterial communities across independent studies of global soils. NATURE MICROBIOLOGY 3, 189-196.

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Bortoluzzi, G.; Romeo, T.; La Cono, V.; Jones, D.L. et al. (2017) Ferrous iron- and ammonium-rich diffuse vents support habitat-specific communities in a shallow hydrothermal field off the Basiluzzo Islet (Aeolian Volcanic Archipelago). GEOBIOLOGY 15, 664-677.

Farkas, K.; Peters, D.E.; McDonald, J.E.; Malham, S., Jones, D.L. (2017) Evaluation of two triplex one-step qRT-PCR assays for the quantification of human enteric viruses in environmental samples. FOOD AND ENVIRONMENTAL VIROLOGY 9, 342-349.

Marsden, K.A.; Jones, D.L.; Chadwick, D.R. (2017) DMPP is ineffective at mitigating N2O emissions from sheep urine patches in a UK grassland under summer conditions. AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT 246, 1-11.

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