Professor G. Edwards-Jones

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Professor Gareth Edwards-Jones
Professor of Agriculture and Land Use Studies (1998-2011)

Gareth Edwards-Jones was born in 1962 and grew up on a farm in the Vale of Clwyd.  After gaining a first class honours degree in biology from the University of Manchester (1984) and a PhD from the University of London (1988), he took up a position at the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) in Edinburgh as a bio-economist.  Five years later, in 1995, he became Head of the Rural Resource Management Department at SAC.

Gareth was appointed Professor of Agriculture and Land Use Studies in the School of Agricultural and Forest Sciences (now the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography) in 1998.  Over the next 13 years he led the development of agriculture at Bangor, setting up the Centre for Hill and Upland Management (CHUM) and obtaining funding for capital, research and knowledge transfer projects at Henfaes, the School's lowland farm site.

Gareth's research interests were wide-ranging, covering agriculture-related topics from the agronomy of hemp and flax to the reduction of risk from E. coli in rural communities.  Other research projects were on wider land use issues, such as the vulnerability of European shrubland ecosystems to climate change and the use of monitoring as a conservation tool.  Gareth was highly regarded as an expert on the environmental impacts of food production, and he had recently developed an interest in the global challenge of food security.  In recognition of his expertise, Gareth was a member of several important national committees and advisory groups on various aspects of agriculture and land use.  He also made numerous appearances on television and radio, wrote regular press contributions and, as a charismatic speaker, received far more invitations than he could possibly accept to give talks to academic, industry and community groups.

At a time of decreasing student interest in traditional land use and related subjects, Gareth undertook a review of marketing and recruitment across the College of Natural Sciences.  Under his leadership the College's approach to marketing was updated and streamlined, new marketing material was produced and new undergraduate and MSc degrees started; as a result, student recruitment increased.  Gareth wrote a new introductory talk for the School's open days and often gave the talk himself, capturing the audience's imagination with his informed commentary on climate change, conservation and land use and his pictures showing, among other things, greening of the Arctic, poachers beside recently-killed elephants, and a man in black-and-white camouflage trying to collect samples from a suspicious black-and-white cow.  Despite his research and other commitments Gareth remained an active teacher, inspiring both the undergraduate students who attended his lectures on theoretical and practical aspects of conservation and his many PhD students who worked with him on his research projects.

In late 2010 Gareth was diagnosed with cancer and he died all too soon afterwards, on 14 August 2011.  He is survived by his wife Emma and his children Gethin and Eleanor.  He will be missed by his colleagues, but remembered for his energy, enthusiasm and achievements during a career that was sadly shorter than it should have been.

Gareth Edwards-Jones lecture series

In 2013 the main lecture theatre in the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography was renamed the Gareth Edwards-Jones lecture theatre. To provide a lasting legacy of Gareth’s teaching and research aspirations and achievements, an annual winter lecture series was developed on the theme of Sustainable Agriculture.


RELU - Rural Economy and Land Use
A Comparative assessment of nutritional quality of vegetables produced locally and overseas.  

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