Dr M.D. Hale - Staff Profile

imsage of Dr Hale

Dr Mike Hale
Lecturer in Environmental, Forest and Wood Sciences

Thoday Building, room G19

Email: m.d.hale@bangor.ac.uk

Tel: 01248 382445 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 382445 (International)


Qualifications and Membership of Professional Bodies

British Mycological Society
Biodeterioration Society
Institute of Wood Science
International Research Group on Wood Preservation
British Wood Preservers and Damp proofing association

Research Interests

Mechanisms of wood decay (biochemical)
Mycorrhizal fungi and molecular methods for identification
Basidiomycete fungi causing decay diseases in trees
Environmentally favourable (low environmental impact) methods of wood preservation,
e.g chemical modification, heat treatment, aspects of natural durability, intelligent design
Wood & lignocellulosic based composites
General mycology
Fungal polysaccharides and their uses
Breakdown of anthropogenic recalcitrant organics
Wood anatomy and its effect on wood properties, e.g. flow


Recent Publications

González-Peña, M.M. and Hale, M.D.C. (2011) Rapid assessment of physical properties and chemical composition of thermally-modified wood by mid-infrared spectroscopy.  Wood Science and Technology 45: 83.102.

Gonzalez-Peña, M.M. and Hale, M.D.C. (2009) Colour in thermally modified wood of beech, Norway spruce and Scots pine. Part 1: Colour evolution and colour changes. Holzforschung 63: 385-393.

Gonzalez-Peña, M.M. and Hale, M.D.C. (2009) Colour in thermally modified wood of beech, Norway spruce and Scots pine. Part 2: Property predictions from colour changes. Holzforschung 63: 394-401.

Loick, N., Hobbs, P.J., Hale, M.D.C. and Jones, D.L. (2009) Bioremediation of poly-aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-contaminated soil by composting. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 39: 271-332.

Hill, C.A.S., Hale, M.D., Ormondroyd, G.A., Kwon, J.H. and Forster, S.C. (2006) The decay resistance of anhydride-modified Corsican pine exposed to the brown rot fungus Coniophora puteana. Holzforschung 60: 625-629.

Usta, I. and Hale, M.D. (2006) Comparison of the bordered pits of two species of spruce (Pinaceae) in a green and kiln-dried condition and their effects on fluid flow in the stem wood in relation to wood preservation. Forestry 79: 467-475.

Gonzalez-Peña, M., Breese, M.C. and Hale, M.D.C. (2005) Studies on the relaxation of heat-treated wood. In: Wood modification: processes, properties and commercialisation (ed. Militz, H. and Hill, C.A.S.), Göttingen, Germany. pp 87-90.

Hill, C.A.S., Forster, S.C., Farahani, M.R.M., Hale, M.D.C., Ormondroyd, G.A. and Williams, G.R. (2005) An investigation of cell wall micropore blocking as a possible mechanism for the decay resistance of anhydride modified wood. International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 55: 69-76.

Other Interests

Running and outdoor activities,
field mycology,
renewable energy,
global warming,