Mr I.M. Harris - Staff Profile

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Mr Ian Harris
Research Farm Manager

Thoday Building, room G17


Tel: 01248 383736 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 383736 (International)


Recent Publications

Brockington, J.D., Harris, I.M. and Brook, R.M. (2015) Beyond the project cycle: a medium-term evaluation of agroforestry adoption and diffusion in a south Indian village. Agroforestry Systems.

Accepted: 16 October 2015 DOI 10.1007/s10457-015-9872-0

Gallagher, J., Harris, I.M., Packwood, A.J., Williams, A.P., Coughlan, P.,  and  McNabola, A.  (2015) A Strategic Assessment of Energy Recovery Sites in the Water Industry for UK and Ireland: Identifying Potential and Setting Constraints through Spatial Mapping. Renewable Energy, 81, September 2015, p808-815.

E. M. Keller, I.M.Harris and P Cross (2014) Identifying suitable queen rearing sites of Apis mellifera mellifera at a regional scale using morphometrics. Journal of Apicultural Research 53(2): 279-287.

Gibbons JM, Williamson JC, Williams AP, Withers PJA, Hockley N, Harris IM, Hughes JW, Taylor RL, Jones DL, Healey JR (2014) Sustainable nutrient management at field, farm and regional level: soil testing, nutrient budgets and the trade-off between lime application and greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 188, 48-56.

McNabola A, Coughlan P, Corcoran L, Power C, Williams AP, Harris I, Gallagher J, Styles D (2014) Energy recovery in the water industry using micro-hydropower: an opportunity to improve sustainability. Water Policy 16, 168-183

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