Professor J.R. Healey - Staff Profile

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Professor John Healey
Professor of Forest Sciences

Thoday Building, room S7


Tel: 01248 383703 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 383703 (International)

Responsibilities within SENRGY/BU

Centre for Integrated Research in the Rural Environment, Co-director
College of Natural Sciences, Director of Research

Qualifications and Membership of Professional Bodies

BA Botany (University of Oxford)
PhD (University of Cambridge)
Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters

Research Interests

Ecology, management and ecosystem services of forests and agroforestry systems, with particular emphasis on tropical and upland environments. Biodiversity conservation in protection and production forests; invasive woody species. Forest restoration and remediation of degraded and post-industrial land. Sustainable forest management and policy including: climate change mitigation; Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation; reduced impact logging; silviculture; secondary and buffer-zone forest management; community participation; monitoring. Forest ecology including: natural regeneration; resistance and resilience of forests to disturbance; succession; landscape; climate change adaptation.  Ecosystem ecology across a range of forest, agroforestry, agricultural and upland land uses: nutrient and carbon cycling; sustainable intensification.

Research Students

Sian Rowlands. Understanding the wider environmental impacts of bracken control methods, including the use of livestock. (Co-supervised with Dave Chadwick and David Styles).

Owain Barton. Modelling an expanding roe deer population in Wales. (Co-supervised with Graeme Shannon)

Mark Mosbery. Experimental assessment of the ecological processes determining the potential for climbing plants to improve biodiversity and ecosystem function in the urban landscape (co-supervised with Emma Sayer, Lancaster University)

Recently completed PhDs

Relena Ribbons. Seeing the forest for the trees: Tree species effects on soil microbial communities and nutrient cycling dynamics. (co-supervised with Morag McDonald and Andy Smith, SENRGY; Lars Vesterdal, Copenhagen University; and Cindy Prescott, University of British Columbia)

Syed Rahman. Incorporation of trees in smallholder land use system: Farm characteristics, rates of return and policy issues influencing farmer adoption. (co-supervised with Jette Bredahl Jacobsen and Jens Friis Lund, University of Copenhagen; and Terry Sunderland, CIFOR)

Lucia Morales Barquero. Beyond carbon accounting: A landscape perspective on measuring and monitoring tropical forest degradation. (co-supervised with Christoph Kleinn, University of Göttingen; Margaret Skutsch, National Autonomous University of Mexico)

Fausto Bolom-Ton. Factors affecting variation in forest community characteristics and leaf-litter decomposition in tropical montane forest of Chiapas, Mexico: a functional ecology approach. (co-supervised with Bryan Finnegan, CATIE)

Géraldine Derroire. Secondary succession in tropical dry forests: Drivers and mechanisms of forest regeneration (co-supervised with Per Christer Oden and Mulualem Tigabu, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

Fritz Kleinschroth. Roads in the rainforests: Legacy of selective logging in Central Africa. Evaluating the temporal and spatial dynamics of logging road networks. (Co-supervised with Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury and Plinio Sist, CIRAD, Montpellier).

Desalegn Desissa. Fragmentated forests in south-western Ethiopia: implications of land-use change on plant species composition and priorities for future conservation.

Jimena Esquivel Sheik. Plant traits and litter decomposition of tree species naturally regenerating in Central American pasturelands. (Co-supervised with Bryan Finegan, CATIE)

Martin Noponen. Carbon and economic performance of coffee agroforestry systems in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. (Co-supervised with the late Gareth Edwards-Jones; and Jeremy Haggar and Gabriela Soto, CATIE)

Deirdre Ninaber. Improved control of Rhododendron ponticum for environmental management. (Co-supervised with Robert Brook)

Sue Hearn. Perspectives in vegetation monitoring: an evaluation of approaches currently used in the UK. (Co-supervised with Morag McDonald)

Myers Paul. Composting of woodchip- and straw-based livestock bedding. (co-supervised with Davey Jones)


Modelling economic impact and strategies to increase resilience against tree disease outbreaks.
ForestModelling aims to build a series of models to study the ways in which different management options can reduce risks and expected damages from a range of forest diseases. It is a project of the Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Initiative.

Cefn Conwy

The CEFN Conwy project is designed to enhance the technical knowledge and environmental management skills of farmers in rural Conwy

Invasive Woody Plants in the Tropics
The Invasive Woody Plants in the Tropics research group, based at the University of Wales, Bangor, UK, has undertaken two major field studies in Jamaica and Tanzania, together with a global review of invasions resulting in a comprehensive database, an analysis of common characteristics and recommendations for management and control.  

Building Nicaraguan and Costa Rican capacity in biodiversity conservation
The homepage of the Darwin Initiative project 'Building Nicaraguan and Costa Rican capacity in biodiversity conservation'.  

TWIRLS: Treating Waste for Restoring Land Sustainability
A European Commission LIFE-Environment project targeting the restoration of degraded land using locally sourced waste materials.

Envision: Developing next generation leaders in environmental science
A NERC Doctoral Training Partnership between Lancaster, Bangor and Nottingham Universities, Rothamsted Research, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, and British Geological Survey.

Recent Publications


Derroire, G., Powers, J.S., Hulshof, C.M., Cárdenas Varela, L.E. & Healey, J.R. (2018). Contrasting patterns of variation among and within species in leaf functional traits during tropical dry forest succession in Costa Rica. Scientific Reports 8, Article number 285.

Bellingham, P.J., Tanner, E.V.J., Martin, P.H., Healey, J.R. & Burge, O.R. (2018). Endemic trees in a tropical biodiversity hotspot imperilled by an invasive tree. Biological Conservation 217, 47-53.


Rahman, S.A., Sunderland, T., Roshetko, J.M. & Healey, J.R. (2017). Facilitating smallholder tree farming in fragmented tropical landscapes: Challenges and potentials for sustainable land management. Journal of Environmental Management 198, 110-121.

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