Dr P. Hill - Staff Profile

Dr Paul Hill

Environment Centre Wales (room 207)
Deiniol Road
Bangor, Gwynedd
LL57 2UW

Email: p.w.hill@bangor.ac.uk

Tel: 01248 382632 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 382632 (International)


Recent Publications

Hill, P.W., Marsden, K.A., Jones, D.L. (2013) How significant to plant N nutrition is the direct consumption of soil microbes by plant roots? New Phytologist 199, 948-55.

Abaas, E., Hill, P.W., Roberts, P., Jones, D.L. (2012) Microbial activity differentially regulates the vertical mobility of nitrogen compounds in soil. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 53, 120-123.

Glanville, H., Hill, P.W., Maccarone, L., Golyshin, P., Murphy, D., Jones, D.L. (2012) Temperature and water controls on vegetation, microbial dynamics, and soil carbon and nitrogen fluxes in a high Arctic tundra ecosystem. Functional Ecology DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2435.2012.02056.x

Farrell, M., Hill, P.W., Farrar, J., DeLuca, T.H., Roberts, P., Kielland, K., Dahlgren, R., Murphy, D., Hobbs, P.J., Bardgett, R.D., Jones, D.L. (2012) Peptides dominate organic nitrogen cycling in soils: a global phenomenon? Ecosystems doi: 10.1007/s10021-012-9601-8

Farrar, J., Boddy, E.L., Hill, P.W., Jones, D.L. (2012) Discrete functional pools of soil organic matter in a UK grassland soil are differentially affected by temperature and priming. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 49, 52-60.

Hill, P.W., Farrell, M., Jones, D.L. (2012) Bigger may be better in soil N cycling: does rapid acquisition of small peptides by soil microbes dominate fluxes of protein-derived N in soil? Soil Biology & Biochemistry 48, 106-112.

Simfukwe, P., Hill, P.W., Emmett, B.A., Jones, D.L. (2011) Soil classification provides a poor indicator of carbon turnover rates in soil. Soil biology & Biochemistry 43, 1688-1696.

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Hill, P.W., Quilliam, R.S., DeLuca, T.H., Farrar, J.F., Farrell, M., Roberts, P., Newsham, K.K., Hopkins, D.W., Bardgett, R.D., Jones, D.L. (2011) Acquisition and assimilation of nitrogen as peptide-bound and D-enantiomers of amino acids by wheat. PLoS ONE DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0019220.

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Koerber G.R., Hill P.W., Edwards-Jones G., Jones D.L. (2010) Estimating the component of soil respiration not dependent on living plant roots: Comparison of the indirect y-intercept regression approach and direct bare plot approach. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 42, 1835-1841.

Williamson J.C., Rowe E.C., Hill P.W., Nason M.A., Jones D.L., Healey J.R. (2009) Alleviation of both water and nutrient limitations is necessary to accelerate ecological restoration of waste rock tips. Restoration Ecology doi: 10.1111/j.1526-100X.2009.00575.x

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