SENRGy staff are award winners!

In 2017’s Student-led Teaching Awards in April, SENRGy scooped three awards. Read more...

Teaching Excellence

Read about our teaching excellence and school awards here.

SENRGY Staff List

This page lists staff alphabetically by role and will give you access to contact and other information about each individual. Please use the following links for a list of telephone numbers and email addresses and key office holders.

Academic Staff

Name Job Title
Dr Graham Bird Reader in Physical Geography
Mr James Brockington Teaching Associate
Dr Robert Brook Senior Lecturer in Agriculture & Rural Development
Professor Dave Chadwick Professor of Sustainable Land-Use Systems
Dr Paul Cross Senior Lecturer in the Environment
Dr Alec Dauncey Teaching Associate
Dr James Gibbons Research Lecturer in Ecological Modelling
Ms Heli Gittins Teaching Associate
Dr Mike Hale Lecturer in Environmental, Forest and Wood Sciences
Mr Ian Harris Research Farm Manager
Professor John Healey Professor of Forest Sciences
Dr Paul Hill Research Lecturer
Dr Neal Hockley Research Lecturer in Economics & Policy
Dr Phil Hollington Senior Research Fellow
Ms Rebecca Jones Graduate Teaching Assistant
Professor Davey Jones Professor of Soil & Environmental Science
Professor Julia Jones Professor of Conservation Science
Ms Gen Agaba Teaching Associate
Dr Lars Markesteijn Lecturer in Forest Sciences
Professor Morag McDonald Professor of Ecology & Catchment Management / Head of School
Dr Tim Pagella Lecturer in Forestry
Dr Sopan Patil Lecturer in Catchment Modelling
Ms Sian Pierce Lecturer in Human Geography
Professor Andrew Pullin Professor of Evidence-based Conservation
Dr Mark Rayment Lecturer in Forestry
Dr Paula Roberts Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management
Dr Fergus Sinclair Senior Lecturer in Agroforestry
Dr Andy Smith Senior Lecturer in Forestry
Dr Katherine Steele Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Crop Production
Dr Freya A. V. St. John Lecturer in Conservation Science
Dr David Styles Lecturer in Carbon Footprinting
Dr Eifiona Thomas Lane Lecturer in Geography and Environmental Planning
Dr James Walmsley Senior Lecturer in Forestry
Dr Simon Willcock Lecturer in Environmental Geography
Dr Prysor Williams Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management
Professor John Witcombe Professorial Fellow
Professor Paul Withers Professor of Geography
Dr Sophie Wynne-Jones Lecturer in Human Geography
Dr Lynda Yorke Lecturer in Physical Geography

Academic Related Staff

Name Job Title
Dr Michelle Jones Administrative Research Officer
Mr Andrew Packwood GIS Officer
Mrs Carol Scott Deputy College Manager (Operations)

Administrative Staff

Name Job Title
Mrs Gill Clayton Accounts Clerk
Mrs Alison Evans School Secretary
Ms Meryl Furlong Masters Administrator
Mrs Beverley James Administrative Assistant
Ms Cherelle Jarvis Teaching Administrator
Ms Christine Parry Graduate School Administrator
Mrs Anwen Williams Student Administration Officer (UG)

Research Staff

Name Job Title
Ms Sayma Akhter FONASO Joint Doctorate Research Fellow
Dr Paul Baker Research Project Support Officer
Mr Patrick Bottazzi Research Officer
Mr Dave P. Buenavista  
Ms Géraldine Derroire FONASO Research Fellow
Mr James Doores Research Assistant
Ms Kata Farkas Post-doctoral Research Officer
Dr John Gallagher Research Officer
Dr Hilary Ford

Multi-Land Research Fellow

Dr David Harris Senior Research Fellow
Ms Gen Agaba Research Officer
Dr Karina Anne Marsden Postdoctoral Research Officer
Dr Alejandra González Mejía Research Fellow
Ms Eefke Mollee FONASO Research Fellow
Ms Josil Murray FONASO Research Fellow
Dr Andrew Norton Research Officer
Dr Mahesh Poudyal Postdoctoral Research Officer, P4GES Project
Mrs O Sarobidy Rakotonarivo FONASO Research Fellow

Andreas Diomedes Soteriades

Research Officer

Ms Relena Ribbons FONASO Research Fellow
Dr Helen Taft Post-doctoral Research Officer
Mr P Talboys Post-doctoral Research Officer
Joshua Thompson Post-doctoral Research Officer
Dr Mark Quinton-Tulloch

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Kata Wagner PhD Candidate, FONASO Joint Doctorate Programme

Dr Jinyang Wang

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions COFUND Fellow

Dr Emma Wiik Postdoctoral Researcher
Mr Matt Williams Research Project Support Officer

Technical Staff

Name Job Title
Ms Francesca Brailsford Junior Research Technician
Ms Sarah Chesworth Senior Technician (Soils and Environment)
Mr John Evans Chief Technician
Mrs Llinos Hughes Senior Technician, Henfaes Research Station
Mr Mark Hughes Technician, Henfaes Research Station
Mr Jonathan Roberts Senior Technician (Soils and Environment)
Mrs Helen Simpson Senior Technician (Team Leader)

Honorary Staff

Name Job Title
Mr Mike Alexander Honorary Lecturer
Dr John Beer Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Christine Cahalan Honorary Senior Lecturer
Professor Bridget Emmett Honorary Lecturer
Professor Chris Evans Honorary Professor
Professor John Good Professor of Forestry
Dr David Jenkins Senior Fellow
Dr Georg Jentschke Research Associate
Mr Arwel Jones Honorary Lecturer in Tourism
Keith Jones Honorary Lecturer
Professor John Owen Professor of Agriculture (retired)
Professor Brian Reynolds Honorary Professor
Dr David Shaw Research Associate
Dr Craig Shuttleworth Honorary Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Rachel Taylor Honorary Lecturer
Dr Jenny Wong Honorary Lecturer
Dr Sophie Williams Honorary Lecturer
Professor Gareth Wyn-Jones Honorary Professor

Other Contributors Staff

Name Job Title
Mr Roger Cooper Senior Lecturer in Forest Products Marketing & Economics (retired)
Dr Cledwyn Hughes Lecturer in Environmental Studies
Dr Zewge Teklehaimanot Senior Lecturer in Tropical Agroforestry
Dr Daljit Singh Virk Senior Research Fellow